Friday, February 16, 2007

Karma and the Corcoran

Yes, I'm huge on karmic retribution. I do believe that life is a balance of good and bad. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because, I fully believe, karma has a way of balancing out life so that no one person has all the luck in the world. My life is a complicated equation of figuring out how to make things even. The second I win at gambling or talk behind a friend's back or get undercharged at 711, something else goes awry in my life. Usually whatever happens is multiplied in extremity.

AM last night at the Corcoran's 1869 cocktail hour, "so I killed a mouse myself last night. I know you're way into karma. How do I make up for that?"

Ah, I was just grappling with this dilemma myself seeing as our house mouse died in my bedroom! Washington Hebrew is asking for $18 (this number is significant in Judaism, I've learned) per member to add to it's Ritzenberg Fund to help feed the children of Darfur. I'm donating more though as my friend Lyss's grandfather just passed away too.

AM invited us to join him at the Corcoran Gallery last night for their 1869 Society cocktail hour. I was interested to see the difference in the crowd and atmosphere as compare to the Contemporary events at The Phillips Collection (where APK was a member). The 1869 Society is $105 a year to join (Corcoran membership at $55 and 1869 Society at $50). Contemporaries pay $100 a year to join.

The Phillips Collection has selected private openings for Contemporaries plus one guest. Wine and appetizers are free, and the curator discusses the exhibit. The crowd tends to be younger and less social. Fairly unattractive and poorly dressed. The entire banquet room is open to the group for the reception though. Coats are checked. There is no where to sit and limited table space for socializing. Appetizers are great (cheese platters, quiche) and replenished often. Conversation slow and uninteresting.

The 1869 Society gets to invite non-members who pay $10 to be admitted to happy hours. We check our own coats and buy $5 drink tickets. Members must buy these tickets too. A roped in section of the lobby is selected for the cocktail crew. Another party had a roped in section on the other side of the lobby. A third party was viewing a showing in the student gallery. When we arrived, the platters on the catering table were completely empty. A wheel of baked brie sat untouched because the caterers brought nothing to cut it with. It took the servers about 30 minutes to replenish the empty table. The crowd, however, was much more attractive. Everyone was dressed extremely well, and the conversation was interesting and political. In the Waverly toile covered bathroom, I talked to two girls about astrology for a good thirty minutes. One of the girls (a Leo who knew she had a Libra moon sign and a Gemini rising sign) kept dating guys who were born on June 6th. That's Jerk's birthday. We had much to discuss! I was definitely thrilled more with the 1869 Society conversation. Is a pretty crowd worth the extra bucks? You decide. I'll continue to be a plus one for now.

Random thought of the day: do you remember the movie Love Potion #9. I haven't seen it in years, but I suddenly woke up wanting to see it again. I vaguely remember the plot. Two scientists invent a potion that can make them irresistible to the opposite sex and end up falling in love with one another. Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan star according to IMDb. Forgot about them being in the movie.


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