Saturday, February 10, 2007

House Mouse RIP

Our house mouse died here. Here is a quick goodbye to the mouse. His tail was sticking out the back. It was in my room. I feel like I might vomit.

House Mouse (January 2007-February 2007).

House Mouse, I do hope you lived a good last few days in our apartment. You came along with a sofa from the Salvation Army that our upstairs neighbors purchased, and you found your way into our apartment. We hope that you enjoyed the vegetables, cereal, and crackers on our counter tops which we had to throw away because of your droppings. We are sorry that it came to trapping you, but we did not understand why you would want to show yourself to us on a bright weekend afternoon when we were both obviously out. Although you thought because I wore mink, I must be one of your species, I apologize for my wanting you dead.

House Mouse, I'm sorry that the trap snapped your neck. If there are more of your friends running around, perhaps your death will make them realize that they'd do better moving into the GW students' Spot House next door. I'm sure there is leftover pizza out there which would be much tastier than our minimal calorie options here.

So goodbye House Mouse. I'm sorry it had to end the way it did. I hope that your last days were spent in warmth and without hunger.


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