Friday, February 09, 2007

About last night-

Urg. Why do I do this? My head hurts.

I met District Belle, Sassy, and crew at Saki in Adams Morgan based on this article.

Three not-so-extra-dirty martinis later, and I was ready to go out. It was only 8pm. So, really, it wasn't that bad. Sassy's friend's fiance and his friend met us to go out. We wandered down to an empty Dan's Cafe. The only two girls in the place walked out, "It's too weird in there," they said. Noise was coming from the second floor of Tom Tom's. Despite my apprehension about going to Tom Tom's (smelly, dirty, under-21 year old clientele), I was buzzed enough to not give a damn.

We happened to wander into a City Paper party of some sort. First we thought we crashed something, but then randomly we ran into Missdy and her friend Will. Apparently,
this was going on. Missdy says, "I read about free beer. That was really all I needed to know." Of course, we'd both run into each other at the most strange event.

Some boy was wearing an Express tee. We thought that was funny. District Belle interviewed him to see why he was wearing another publications shirt at a City Paper event. He said he delivers Express papers for a living. We thought that was funny, and I suppose annoying too. Turns out their group was all from New Orleans. I declared that Mardi Gras originated in Mobile. Then we battled a little, but, ultimately, we decided all in the conversation were cool considering that we all loved Bear Bryant, couldn't say enough about grits, and thought that my cooking Jambalaya was awesome.

Then, for no reason, District Belle and I decided to continue bar hopping and go to Mille and Al's. I don't know why. I mean, you saaaaaaaaaaw the pictures from the last Thursday night I spent at Mille and Als.

It turns out that we crashed a first year GW Law evening out event. Luckily, the boys we ended up talking to (you sort of have to flirt in these situations to have a place to store your coat) were normal. Actually fun. So, District Belle and I posed for the required random pictures with random boys who names I actually do remember (I stopped drinking after the martinis and the buzz wore off as we were there). Then we sang Sweet Home Alabama with some dude who was standing near by and seemed okay with holding one of the microphones and screaming with us. And, at 11:30pm, we hopped in cabs and went to sleep.

Here's a picture. Enjoy. I'm getting a little sick of this pose. I need to expand my silly picture abilities.

My head hurts. Blah. He was cute though, no? I still always feel sketchy giving out my number to guys in Adams Morgan. So, I didn't give it out. Again. But, hey, I do remember his name. And his friend's name. So, I'm one step ahead of last time.


  • At February 09, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Too much fun. You have the pose down much more than I do for sure. Speaking of Southern food, we have most definitely got to check out that restaurant you named. Ooooh and Ooohs and Ahhhhs again. People must have thought we were starved the way I'm now remembering we were discussing Southern food on the streets of Adams Morgan. Hah.


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