Monday, February 19, 2007

That's so abstract.

Friday night, I met Suave, District Belle, and Joshy for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe near Metro Center. We enjoyed the guitar-shaped bar and sign that read "The Embassy of Rock and Roll," but just about went deaf when the management decided that to drown out the noise from two loud groups of school children, they'd pump up the music as loud as possible.

I thought I should buy a t-shirt. One of the classic shirts I used to collect back in 1985. Well, the shirt still exists, but the price is now $22. I passed, obviously.

We went to Landmark Theater and met Vive, the Pea, the Master, AM, and LP to see a drugged out Sienna Miller in Factory Girl. My e-mail to the crew:

Yes, we're aware it got mixed/bad reviews, but seeing as I'm completely obsessed with Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol and the whole musing thing, Vive has agreed to go see Factory Girl with me tomorrow night. Nothing like a drugged out Sienna Miller to make you feel better about your life. Next stop, watching Angelina Jolie get AIDS from heroin abuse as Gia, tehe.

The plan is to go see the movie at 7:45pm tomorrow night at the E street theater near Metro Center.

If you don't know much about Edie, here's the website for the movie.
And the wiki entry on Edie is

Anyone interested? The fashion should be fab, worse-case scenario on the plot.


Well, first of all, we LOVED the movie. It was definitely well-acted, and, though I agree with The New York Times that it veered away from truth a bit much (Dylan fighting with Andy for Edie's heart and being the voice of sobriety and reason), I still thought the plot was fascinating and the facts recreated well. In particular, I loved the scene where Andy puts Edie in Vinyl. The Master after it's conclusion, "Well, there was a nice light movie." I had nightmares of my butt covered in heroin track marks. Oh, and I now have body issues thanks to seeing Sienna completely naked throughout the whole thing. Hayden Christiensen is unbelievably attractive. Yum.

We left the movie and went back to the Hard Rock for some ice cream. Strangely, we were seated under a Bob Dylan gold album which was pretty cool. Seemed fitting to have a sex, drugs, and rock and roll night.

I slept very little Friday night. I dreamt I was falling naked down a mountain, because I was high on heroin. I spent the day painting and reading until 10pm when I met Vive, AM, Vive's friends, and Peter and Ralph at Dan's Cafe. After several Red Bull and vodkas, I was ready to go out. We headed to Bourbon for brief dancing before settling into the top floor of Brass Monkey. I wasn't feeling it, and decided I was horrendously bored. After trying to instigate a bunch of 22-year-old boys to do something to entertain me, I left with Vive around 2am and crashed.

Sassy's mom was in town for the weekend, and last night she cooked us all a delicious meal to celebrate Sassy's upcoming birthday. The three-tiered chocolate cake is talked about much by Sassy and District Belle, and I was thrilled to eat some finally. Sassy, "we've cut smaller pieces. If you want more, you can get more, but I can't stand to see any thrown away. So, smaller pieces to start now." After eating it, I can see why!

This morning, Vive and I met up at the Hirshhorn Museum for some culture. Incidentally, now that we've all seen Factory Girl, the entire group is way into art and Warhol. The Pea just invited us to some museum thing on the 9th. I purchased Ciao Manhattan!, Poor Little Rich Girl, and Heat on DVD. We're going to have a night of tomato soup, grilled cheese, and Coca-Cola to watch them.

The museum made us laugh much. Back when Josh and I were at the Museum of Modern Art with my parents when we were children, my dad tried to explain to Josh the importance of modern art. As we walked into the museum with Josh declaring "this stuff isn't even art. Someone just decided to throw paint on a canvas and hang it up in a museum!," we happened upon a large canvas painted black. Nothing on it. The title was Pittsburgh. The running joke about modern art (which I actually tend to like) is that sometimes it's so bad it's
"Pittsburgh." Vive and I examined a white canvas in the permanent collection with a lightly colored graph drawn in pencil over it. I felt like I should be in Geometry 101. Pittsburgh.

We enjoyed the travelling exhibit on light and also the new Ways of Seeing program which brings in noted artists to pull items from the museum's permanent collection (12,000 pieces to choose from) and create an installation that reflects their "own unique perspectives."

Oh, and we cringed watching Magnus Wallin's animation based on his dreams, "I do NOT want to take any medicine he's taking," I whispered to Vive during the movie. Though extremely fascinating (a bald evil eagle is shown with a body made out of an hour glass in Anatomic Flop), the second video featured a skeleton playing leap frog with muscles while trying to avoid a large snake and a large white ball with a person stuck in it. The sound effects of the skeleton and muscles made us almost vomit. Persuasive, I suppose.

Afterwords, we went in search of a wig shop in DC for accessories to our costumes at A Night of Mystique. We found Strong Wigs (202-396-8948) on H Street NE (near 11th street). The area was completely undeveloped. Vive says aloud, "what did you do on President's Day. We went to the ghetto. Oh no. I just said that out loud. In the ghetto. Two girls in a BMW. Great."

We were given wig caps and had a great time trying on all varieties of hair. After trying on one that could have been Edie Sedgwick style but realizing it was way more Carol Brady, I switched to black bobs. I found one I adored only to be told by Vive I had just chosen my current natural hair style with bangs. We decided to go back with costumes as it was hard to decipher how feathered hair looks when you're in a trench coat and sneakers.

And that was the weekend. Favorite line in Factory Girl (okay, one of many), Andy to Edie regarding sex, "well sex is so abstract anyways."


  • At February 20, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    What could the 22 year olds possibly have done to be entertaining?

  • At February 20, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    I picked up an unattractive girl and said that my brother and his friends wanted to meet her. Then I whispered to her that one of them had severe ADD so she had to act quickly. They weren't into playing along. Yawn.

  • At February 20, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…


    Just out of curiousity, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least, how sober were you at that time?

  • At February 20, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    Um, probably around a 6. Red Bull and vodka tends to make me agitated more than drunk.

  • At February 20, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    I hate Red Bull. Partly because it tastes like unwiped liquid ass, but mostly because they own this team, and we hate them.


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