Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"You know, Aphrodite slept with Ares in one myth? That's Venus and Mars getting hot and heavy."

On the many loves of Aphrodite: Perhaps the most notorious of these legends is of her affair with the war god Ares. According to the myth, Aphrodite was married to the god of smiths, Hephaistos. However, the golden goddess apparently tended to abandon poor Hephaistos as soon as his burly back was turned, for on many occasions she was to be found in the arms of her lover (one consequence of this illicit affair is included in the Odyssey and recounted in the Mythography page devoted to Ares). As a result of these romantic interludes, Aphrodite bore three children to Ares: Deimos ("terror"), Phobos ("fear"), and a daughter named Harmonia ("concord"). More here.

I've always been a fan of mythology. Of religion. Of long jokes. Of fiction. Of astrology. Of anything that tells a story. It's a weird fascination of mine. And, I do actually think in stories. For example, often when I'm trying to move on from a bad situation, I'll think about Lot's wife looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah and turning into a pillar of salt. Don't look back. It's gone. The bad is behind you.

And religion, I like religion in general. All religions are fascinating to me. I read a book on Baha'i in college, because Erica was raised practicing it. I always got an A in religion at my Episcopalian school. I love sitting in churches, synagogues, temples, whatever. Mainly, I like the sermons. How, it always seems, the portion of whatever scripture a religion uses seems to teach you something about your current place in life.

And astrology, by direct correlation, has each sign connected to gods from mythology. So, I like to recall why certain signs get along based on how their ruling gods interacted in mythology.

I know, its all a bit weird. In my defense, my father and uncles are story tellers.

Regardless, I adore decoding the mystery behind a Free Will Astrology horoscope. I have send me my daily horoscope in email. And, I read it every morning before I get to work. There's a "daily Tarot Card" generically included for all signs. A couple of days ago, I got the Magician card. I don't read those details, but the card was pretty a perfect to use as an image for my planning in A Night of Mystique.

I set up the website page for Anastasia, the Tarot Card Reader who will be part of the talent at the event. I used the Magician card image as a picture on the page. When I showed her the link, she mentioned she liked the card. I explained how I came to find that card. Here's something interesting I got back from her.

P.S. -- The fact that you got the Magician is very appropriate because it says that you're putting your creative abilities into action to yield great results. (Good news for Noah Cuttler!)

Just thought that was interesting.


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