Friday, January 13, 2006

The Parent Trap (1961)

I am currently watching The Parent Trap circa 1961 on the Hallmark channel. I've seen it about a million-and-one times counting right now. I've never noticed that Hayley Mills' English accent is completely out of place. No one, not the grandparents nor the parents, has an accent. And her characters live in California and Boston. Where did she get an English accent?

Also why exactly did Disney choose Hayley Mills to play 2 characters? Wouldn't it have been easier, and completely doable, to have identical twins play the part? I'll buy Michael Keaton in Multiplicity playing 4 characters... it would certainly be harder to find identical quadruplets who could act. But twins are pretty common.

Favorite line in movie. Dad describing the mom to the wrong Hayley Mills. "She's fat with big red bushy hair." "Last thing I heard she went off to Spain and married a drunk." Hmmm. Nice guy.

Oh and the dad calls his daughter "Peanut face". Lovely. How horrible that these people split up their children? I must wonder about parents willing to lose one of their children anyways.


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