Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chi Chaing and Quebec

Went to DC Minyan's Friday night Shabbat service at the JCC. I'm apparently the only person who found it remotely entertaining that the all-Hebrew pick-up scene of a service took place in the basketball gym of the JCC next to the pool and smelt of chlorine the whole time. It was nice to see that many people my age taking pride in their religion and tradition, however I couldn't shake the feeling that everyone there was checking out what I was wearing. The boys and girls sit on different sides of the room and the whole group faces Israel, coincidentally in the direction of the pool. But anyways.

Woody and I came back to my place and I made dinner for us. Then we hit Chi Cha Lounge for one of his friend's birthday celebrations. I like Chi Cha, don't get me wrong, but the Friday night crowd is definitely overdressed and arrogant. I was pushed more times than an elevator button. When it is that crowded there's simply no where else to move, and pushing people isn't going to make your or my night any better.

We woke up late Saturday. Kate and I went to SFW in Virginia to buy cheapish wine (under $10 over $7) and cheese for her friends who were coming to the apartment for pre-dinner drinks and appetizer. The problem with America's youth? Well, for starters, the fact that our check-out clerk asked Kate what the UK stood for on her driver's license. Even after she said United Kingdom, he asked her if she was from Canada. I'm not sure if he was indicative of the entire youth of America, but it was certainly no good sign of what's to come of our nation.

After several bottles of wine at our apartment, we headed to Merkado on P Street for a fabulous dinner at moderate prices with amazing service. Woody got hit on at the bar by some dude though. Apparently, he's a man magnet... Which I guess I'd prefer seeing as it's not really competition for me... Well unless he decides that's the way he'd like to live, but at least it's not a worry about why I couldn't satisfy him.

We headed up to the Quebec House to the party room (actually called this with a door plate and all) for a Jewish party complete with everyone having slept with someone else there, crap alcohol, and proper mingling. Quite fun. Woody and I went back to his place afterwards. I was tired and BG was making me mad. Not sure why he still is able to emotionally effect me to this level. Not sure how to properly apologize to Woody. I want to be with Woody... even though it's still too early to tell... and I don't doubt for a second that BG and I are not meant to be anything more than friends. But we're still fire and water when we fight.

Today, I went to a pointless committee meeting to help set-up a series of events totally out of my sphere of interests. And committee leaders need to realize that while they may find pleasure in dawdling over the issues, it's a waste of my time if you gloss over what you want for me in favor of talking about what your agenda may be. Especially when committee leaders are paid for their work. If you want my help, don't keep me for an hour discussing my connection to the subject. Please tell me what you want my help with, how much time you need from me, and what my next steps are.

Now I'm resting. So so tired. Want to sleep.


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