Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm an offender of over-"tehe"-ing in e-mails. It's my way of indicating that something is giggle worthy without being laugh out loud funny... plus "haha" and "lol" are overused.

Things that make me tehe include when spell check changes a word accidentally to something that makes no sense. My keyboard at work is a bit ghetto. The letter M and the letter N are scrubbed off. Most of the time, I'm fine. I figure it's a non-profit afterall, and I'm working on a brand-new leather and mahogany wood desk, so I shouldn't say anything about the keyboard. So today, I e-mailed with the word "And" but misspelled it "Amd". Spell check changed it to "Mad". So the e-mail read, "Mad here's the response." CG just sent me back a "?" response. I e-mailed back, "tehe, I meant-And here's the response."

I tehe often at the idea that in order for a sign to be posted somewhere for you NOT to do something, someone had to have done it at some point. Once in a church I saw a sign that said "No Spitting". Someone spit in church. That made me tehe.

I tehe that FedEx Express envelopes state in large, bold text "Do not ship liquids, blood, or diagnostics in this package". Which means they've had a problem with people shipping blood. Which brings to mind a bunch of vampires FedExing to one another... "Dracula, you've got to taste this West Coast stuff. Higher quality. Totally organic".

I tehe when someone sends me a funny joke that makes me blush. Or a compliment that makes me smile. Or when they suggest we get obscenely wasted that night at happy hour.

I tehe sometimes when I e-mail a boy and ask if he;s "coming" to an event or dinner or whatever. I especially tehe when I send an e-mail to someone I'm seeing and thank them for "coming last night". I'm tehe-ing right now thinking about what would happen if my letter U and letter O were rubbed off on my keyboard instead. That could make for some very "?" e-mails. "Are you cuming with us tonight?" Geez.


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