Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idolist

Apparently, the contract for Ace Young fell 4 points on Tradesports yesterday. I'm going to avoid launching into a completely separate discussion about how bad your gambling problem must be if you are gambling 1) on-line and 2) on American Idol. Gamblers guess that the top 4 will consist of Taylor Hicks (Bama stud extraordinaire), Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, and Paris Bennett. They were also saying this week we can expect to see Kevin Covais, Melissa McSlut, or Bucky Covington gone. Strangely, they were correct. Although, I don't think anyone predicted hottie Ace to be in the bottom 3. I'm so voting next week! I love you Ace!

Here's what I think:

First off, Kevin Covais is adorable. You can even here his lisp when he sings. My mother thinks he resembles Chicken Little. I think this will work in his favor. I call it the Mrs. V phenomenan. Middle class, middle American mothers don't care how someone sings. They care how nice someone looks. Kevin looks nice. They want their children growing up to be Kevin.

I was pleased to see Elliot Yamin not do so well this time around. I think he is a scientist's dream. He looks like evolution really did happen. I could see voting for him if I was 5. He looks like Curious George.


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