Friday, March 10, 2006

Games People Play

My favorite people watching game is the "Getting Some or Not Getting Some" game. To be most polite, I suggest using acronyms like GS and NGS. You should pick out a person and determine whether or not their having sex. When watching television, a good variation on this game is the "Virgin or Not a Virgin" game. In the privacy of your own home, no acronyms are needed.

APK and I have determined that Melissa McGhee from American Idol has given blow-jobs to every male contestant in the top 12. She's also probably been with half of Tampa.


A good Dupont Circle specific variation of the game is "Gay or Straight".
A good Capital Hill specific variation of the game is "Democrat or Republican".
A good Bryant Park specific variation of the game is "Conde Naster or Not".


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