Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Frustration Today-

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Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 1:14 PM
To: Sam
Subject: hi how are you?

haven't talked to you in awhile? you feeling okay? it has been a busy last week and this week at work but the work load will die down once i crank stuff out. are you watching lost without me? how was your weekend? i went out for a drink with [2 random friends AAAK always talk about but never invites me out with, who aren't even friends with one another] after work before calling it a night on friday though later than i wanted. i wasn't planning on staying late at all...i had an early tee time on sat for golf (painful playing in the rain)...do you play?thought i'd ask...do you have clubs? in any case, quiet movie night on saturday. how was your weekend? what'd you do?weird story [since he knows I already know this and am pissed at him through a mutual friend]... [girl i grew up with in Bama. Not best friends with her, but would like to see her all the same] was supposed to come in last weekend (she did but didn't really call follow up with getting together). she is supposed to leave today so i'm assuming there'll be no overlap.

were you friends with [girl the girl visiting is cousin's with who lives in DC who I also grew up with] at all? in any case, there's a happy hr tomorrow [which our mutual friend put BOTH of our names on the same e-mail to tell us about so he knows I'm already going] i may go to? any interest in coming? i'm not sure what your plans are? i can send the details... [which I know you already have. This will take a lot off my chest. I know I need to invite you out more, but I just don't care about anyone other than myself.]

write back when you get a chance [since I know you're pissed at me and didn't return my call when I found out from our mutual friend that she told you I'd asked her to see the girl visiting but not you.]


My Reply 1:

All is well.

Been quite busy at work preparing for Trade Shows and the Gala in June [You suck]

Yeah, [Our mutual friend] mentioned she might be seeing [girl visting]. I grew up with [girl visiting and her cousin], would have been nice to see them.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a HH already, possible the same one as you if you heard about it through [mutual friend]. APK and I had planned to go.

Glad to hear all is well with you.

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Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 3:21 PM
To: Sam
Subject: Re: hi

that's cold hearted but i'm used to the highs and lows by now.[ AAAAK, you pretentious, condescending, asshole] it's good to know that when you have a problem with a friend you communicate it to the person as opposed to third parties [ yeah and your little, shit I got caught by mutual friend and now you're not talking to me] so you are always on the same page. that makes a lot of sense in resolving disagreements [no disagreement, you're an asshole]. guess you missed that part of the conversation the last time we chatted...

i'm guessing you're all worked up [girl visiting]. [I'm an immature, careless prick and I can't think much larger than the actual obvious rationale] frankly speaking, we can discuss in person (since email is most of the time a poor conduit [I'll use a big word so you know I'm smarter than you.] to communicate since things can get be misinterpreted) but it's hard to remember the last time you guys associated with each other. in fact, i didn't even know you were friends with either them in high school. [Because I'm a self-important asshole that thinks I'm the only one anyone ever cares about. I'll take for granted that you've invited me out with people I barely knew purely for nostalgia sake. But, I need to justify my actions because I suck.]

the difference is i wouldn't been in a tizzy [No tizzy. I didn't say a word. You responded. Cold-hearted is FINE by me. You're not really worth a tizzy.] if i didn't see [my friend from Bama who visited a few weeks ago and who I included AAAAK in seeing even though they were never ever friends] a few weeks ago; i hadn't kept up with him for years other than the fact we grew up together. why would i have any right to get pist [you're not worth spell check] if you guys had a weekend and i never got a chance to catch up.

[girl visiting's cousin] lives in DC...i'm sure you could find her info on friendster [thank you Sherlock] or whatever search is possible. it's not my intention of precluding you from getting reacquainted with people you happen to know in high school. i haven't seen her in years...[girl visiting] sent me an email a ways back saying she was coming in but i didn't hear again until friday afternoon. [and I firmly believe that she only wanted to see me because I'm a self-centered prick]

if you have an issue with someone, usually you tell them to alleviate the situation. otherwise, why both with games...let me know if you want to grab coffee to talk/catch up. otherwise, don't let this become another excuse just to be mad at me. if it is legitimate, let's straighten it out.
otherwise, forget it. [yep, forget it. You suck!]

My Reply 2

I don't even want to bother. For justification reasons.

The differences between you and I are quite substantial. Were you friends with [friend of mine who lives in DC from Bama] in high school? [friend of friend who lives in DC from Bama]?[friend of mine who visited DC a few weeks ago]? [another friend from Bama in DC]? But I want you to see them and I want me to see them.... To catch up. Because unlike your thinking, I think of you when I think of Bama. I'm not sure why you'd ask [mutual friend] to see [girl visiting] but not me, but that's fine. I'm not about to struggle over it. I could find [girl visiting's cousin], but I'm not looking to be her friend. It would be nice to see her if the situation presented itself. I wasn't best friends with [girl visiting], but I have known her for almost all of both of our lifetimes... Same with [friend of mine from Bama in DC]. Notice how I always ask you to come along?

But it's not a problem. I don't come top of mind. Or, perhaps I do, but you really don't care. There's no use in discussing over coffee. It's just the way you are to me. It doesn't get better... Even one rebonding after another. I thought we were good after [last time we spent time together], but of course, again, you'd forgotten about me until [mutual friend] mentioned it to me. And how catty- your phone call and e-mail only after you found out she told me. Geez, with friends like this who needs enemies.

Anyways, I'm not happy but as you said before, I just don't care anymore. You don't ever think about me.[ or anyone else!] Ever. And that's just not a friendship I'm content with. I'm sure youÂ’re a wonderful friend to [list of 4 people he'sconsistentlyy telling me he's suuuuuuch a good friend to] and whoever else... But to me, you hurt me more often than people I'm enemies with. For now, I'd just prefer to see you out when I see you out and be there for you if you have an emergency. I'm just spent. You're still invited to my party [ I'm not a bitch, and you're not worth my time] and I don't plan on any scenes or what not... But I'm sick of including you in my thoughts and plans when you don't ever do the same. [You suck!]


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