Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sexual Feelings

Uh, here's proof that sex sells.

It took me 3 weeks to get through Kristin Gore's Sammy's Hill. The book's lead character was working on Health Care policy for a member of Congress. A bit slow.

It me 3 days to finish Jessica Cutler's The Washingtonienne. The book's lead character, based on Jessica, slept with powerful DC men for money. So entertaining.

Needless to say, I'd prefer trash to academics any day.

I went to Philly Tuesday night after work to stay with my Grandmother for Passover. APK's from nearby too, so we drove up together.

I slept an obscene amount. No idea how. My Grandmother's sofabed is about 30 years old, and the heat stays on in the apartment all year round.

Matzah causes constipation. Just so you know. I think they should come up with prune-infused Matzah.

I met APK's parents on Thursday night. They took us to Tangerine, a delightful Moroccan restaurant in Old City. Very cute. The food was excellent. APK's parents were excellent as well. I suppose coming from a relatively seamless family background, dealing with the disfunctional families of guys I date is just nothing for which I'm prepared. It was nice to finally date someone with a good and stable family life. I have a habit of dating men who's mother's passed away. I don't really know how to deal. I talk to my mother once a day, at minimum. I talk to my grandmother 3 times a week, at minimum. I've got my own problems and would never denote myself as 100% stable, but family just isn't one of them.

Today's weather is gorgeous. BG's coming over to BBQ and watch Lost season 1 on DVD, loaned to us by SG. I'm thrilled to see what the whole craze is about.

That's all. No news is good news, right?


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