Tuesday, April 11, 2006


On Day 2 of no smoking.

A bit jittery, but seeing as I'm an anxious person, not so bad. Worse things in life, ya know, like stroke and heart attack and lung cancer. I'm okay.

I actually stayed in last night even while knowing a party was going on. Figured putting myself in a situation that would entice me to smoke was not the best idea on the very first day of quitting. I figure by the time I get back from Philly on Saturday, I'll be good to go out.

Talked to HEL last night. He's now in Florida for work. Heard a rather inspiring story about kismet.

Our friend JFJ brought a pretty girl who went to another one of the private schools in Mobile to a Mardi Gras ball. HEL hadn't met her before. JFJ and pretty girl remained friends, but HEL and pretty girl clicked. HEL had a chance to hang out with her one night in Mobile before he moved up to Georgia. Within 30 minutes of being alone together, they were both completely smitten. They kept in touch off and on. Fast forward to HEL's trip to Florida from DC on Sunday. He had a lay over in Atlanta and went to the Pascal's in the airport for some food and drinks. Thinking of pretty girl, he texted her to say hello. As he was texting her, a message came in from her. She said she was in the Atlanta airport on a lay over back to Mobile and just wanted to say hello. He texted her back that he was there too, in Pascal's. She was walking by the restaurant and called him immediately. Upon catching up, they realized that they'd both just come from DC. She was supposed to go to SC's birthday at Local 16 with the friend she was visiting, but they ended up missing it. She showed him her digital picture of the guy she knew who was going. Turns out he's a buddy of APKs who HEL hung out with Local 16. They made plans to meet when he's in Biloxi for work in the coming weeks.

Kismet? I think so. Don't you love it when movie moments actually occur!

Going to Zorba's Cafe with IH and SC for lunch and sun then off to Philly tonight through Friday for Passover.


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