Monday, April 10, 2006

What's Up?

Been a bit since I wrote. Apologies. Here's what's going on in my world:

Quit smoking today. Done with it. I'm wearing my patch. It appears to be working. The last time I quit I was resentful of my ex, because in truth, I was quitting for him. I didn't really want to not be a smoker, and thus, I started smoking again upon Day 1 at the magazine. Now, a year later, I just don't want to smoke anymore. My blood pressure is insane. I have early heart disease in my family. I find the habit embarrassing. My dad really wants me to quit. I want to start working out again. And so on... I looked in the mirror yesterday, after smoking my last cigarette forever, and said to myself "You are a non-smoker." And that I am.

Went to the Hotel Hershey to help run a work function. Such a gorgeous hotel. I had chocolate for breakfast. Yummy. Milton Hershey is one interesting character. He didn't lay-off even one employee during the depression, although he used the depression as an advantageous situation and put them to work for cheap building the Hotel Hershey, but all the same.

HEL came in town this weekend from Atlanta. It was fun hanging out with an old friend. We tried to go to the Spy Museum on Saturday, but it was sold out. Who knew?

I had a great fortune from my Mr. Chen's cookie on Saturday night.

It is better to have a hen tomorrow then an egg today.
I assume it was referring to my smoking. I'll let you know.
Interesting comparison occurred Saturday night at Local 16. It was SC's birthday, and the guy she's dating (who's now overly apologized and hopefully gotten back on good terms with her) was almost not going to come to the party after saying he would. He didn't text or call, AND his roommate and friend, APK actually, were in attendance. Upon waiting in the bathroom line, I spotted a girl puking in the sink. She ran into the stall before she had a chance to clean it up. I took a paper towel and turned on the sink so that the room didn't begin to smell. When SC's boy still hadn't shown up, I was able to point out that, while I could deal with an accidental puking in the sink, I could not deal with such classless behavior as not showing up for someone's birthday. That to me was intentionally disgusting. He did show up afterall and apologized. She knows better now though.
APK's ex-whatever (since he's not really been serious with anyone since high school) was a bit of a prude apparently. It's rather surprising to him that he's learned she's subsidizing her non-profit salary by selling sex toys at sex toy parties. I'm hoping this isn't turning him on or anything. But anyways, one of his good friends went to one of these parties and referred to the girls who go as Friendosauruses. This is my favorite new word! For those of you who were as clueless about this definition as I was, a Friendosaurus is an ugly girl that other girls hang out with so that they look more attractive. I don't have friendosauruses, because, honestly, I'd rather be known as a clan of hotties anyday. However, I definitely know the type of girls who hang out with these people.
And that's the scoop. Hope your day is going well.


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