Monday, April 17, 2006

Lost at Long Last

I got Lost on Saturday night, finally. BG came over to barbecue and watch Lost Season 1 on DVD courtesy of SG. First, on the barbecue, ain't nothing else like charcoal cooked chicken and especially now that Rockland's barbecue is selling their sauce at Whole Foods. Yummy. We use Martha's Everyday Food recipe for the tomatoes. So good, just cut vine tomatoes in half and toss in 3 tablespoons olive oil with some salt, pepper, and thyme. I'm hungry thinking about it.

But onto Lost. OMG! We were up until 5am watching the show. We stopped mid-disc 3 just after Locke's found the steel under the earth, and Charlie's announced their are "others" who have kidnapped the pregnant girl. This show is seriously addicting. I think we're actually going to finish some more tonight. I never quite understood why SG and AD and others kept leaving happy hours to go home and watch the show. Now I get it. Who knew that something without Tyra Bank or a Bachelor could be so damn entertaining!

Only side note. Not much sex in the show. What's up with that? Does it come later? I sort of want Kate and Sawyer to discover a coca-plant and get all messed up and go at each other. Wouldn't that be hot! I'm way into Sawyer. Leave it to me to be a fan of the mega-asshole.

Also, did you hear that "ain't" is in Webster's? This made be really old news, but I'd not heard it till my Grandmother told me. Actually, considering she's warning me about not stopping for police officers if they come after me and instead going to a police headquarters to pull over... perhaps this happened back in 1992 as well.


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