Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Man vs. Man

I've been a bit obsessed with the natural instincts of lions since visiting the National Zoo with my cousins a month ago. It's a bit embarrassing to admit, considering I still make fun of my friend DF regarding these two months of his life senior year of college when he was completely into Dinosaurs again.

First off, I love the idea of man stripped down to his basic instincts before guns and college degrees came into play. I read something once upon a time about what society would look like today if only the fittest survived. I think often about the book The Hatchet from my 6th grade summer reading list. For those of you who didn't read it or forgot it, it's the story of a boy who's plane crashes on an island. He survives alone with only a hatchet. It's sort of like Lost without all of the corpses and flashbacks.

BG came over last night for more Lost Season 1. We're still only on disc 4. Such a good show.

But back to lions. Female lions group together in prides. Only one male is allowed per group. If there are multiple men, they're usually brothers. When a new male wants to come into a pride, he must kill off the current male AND kill off that male's offspring. One could say women, by nature, gather in groups by instinct. We are also more likely to find comfort in our friends and family then in a guy.

Secondly, I'm obsessed with the idea that man changed his own nature as an animal when he created guns. Survival of the fittest gathered a whole new meaning. Suddenly, it's not how clever your mind is for attack or how strong you are, it's how easily you can shoot. Besides, a healthy and strong man could survive attack, but shooting someone in the heart or head will kill them regardless. We are no longer animals. Our nature has changed. How many of us would you honestly stick in the woods alone? I'm sure we've all read the same thing about all of this, but I'm apparently alone in obsessing over it.

So, you've now learned that I'm a dork who stays in on a Saturday night to watch Lost AND has a random lion obsession. I'll start wearing a bag over my head in public.

Did you know monkey's have sex all the time? HEL and I picked up some book at Urban Outiftters on how animals do it. Just a random piece of information.


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