Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I laughed at who Smart Bargains thinks their customer actually might be. Seriously, who's on this website with $18,000 to spend?

Saw APK on Tuesday night. It's funny to think that 4 years ago his quirks might have turned me off. Now, after embracing my own as definitions of my own character, I find them the most attractive part of his personality.

Like- He shops for groceries once every 6 weeks. But only at Whole Foods. And not because he's only buying Vegan. He's buying Cheddar Bunnies (organic Cheese Nips) and Annie's Natural Mac and Cheese. Which is so guyish. He's making an effort to eat healthy, but he's still buying total single guy food. He's just paying double the price. And I think that's cute. Go figure.

On Friday, it will be 6 months since our first Shabbat Cluster. Ahhh. Yeah yeah.

The first time we went grocery shopping together, he deemed it a huge deal. I'm a little more experienced in relationships, apparently, so I found this not such a big deal. I bought my Bagel Bites and Lean Pockets at Safeway with confidence. At Whole Foods, on my first trip with him, he blushed as he tossed in a bag of frozen organic chicken wings. I suppose seeing what your partner puts into your body is sort of a big deal. I guess I just label something a big deal when it involves introducing someone to your family or taking a weekend away together.

What other quirks? Well, for the sake of not embarrassing either of us, I'll stop at Whole Foods. Oh, and the strict guidelines of where to put the food away once it's home. Dry Goods on counter. Pastas to the left. Couscous to the right. Etc. Tehe, so cute.


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