Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday, Monday

Monday- overcast Monday. Blah.

Friday night, my original cluster met at LC's. APK was at a kickball party and unable to attend. Rather depressing. It's the end of an era... well a 6-month period at least. I think my original cluster is still planning on continuing. We're meeting at APK's next month. He wasn't there so it was easiest to put the hosting gig on him. Tehe.

LC makes the most delicious and addictive challah on the planet. It is so damn good. I've decided she must be making the dough with MSG. Turns out JS and IH know each other from high school. JS was a special guest at the dinner... I love special guests at cluster dinners. I think that's what keeps it interesting. Each host brings in people in their life, so you end up meeting a ton of people through the 13 people in your cluster. I also realized why it's so important that I start this Southern Jewish Cluster. Take JS and IH, both from Chicago, who met through Jewish Day School and know tons of Jews in common. In Mobile, I was one of 5 Jewish kids my age. 5. My Jewish network from Mobile alone is about 20 universally. My cousin knows APK from high school in Philly. My cousin's roommate (a friend from his high school) knows LC from Johns Hopkins.

Of the 5 people I know who are Jewish my year growing up in Mobile, I was the only one who moved above the Mason Dixon Line. Ones in Miami. Three are in Mobile. Ones in Birmingham. Great. My social network of people connected to me from Bama is not devised of Jews. I know plenty of people through people I knew in Mobile, but I certainly didn't grow up having Shabbat dinner with my friends from my Episcopalian High School. APK's the first Jewish guy I've ever really dated seriously.

I didn't even feel comfortable joining a Jewish sorority in college. I fit in better with the Christian girls from the South.

This is my first real experience being Jewish. Well, other than summer camp and going to Israel once when I was 16 (with Young Judae for 6 weeks). That's how many other Southern Jews are brought up as well.

I think it would be fun to be with people who can't play the Jewish geography game ultra well. I think it would be fun to admit, jointly, that this is out first time saying Kiddish with our peers.

Plus, I really just want an excuse to eat lots and lots of fried food.

PR, from Kentucky, and I are co-coordinating the group. We'll have a potluck the first month and then do Jazz on Jackson Place in August. I want to coordinate some Southern rock concerts and a brunch at Georgia Brown's too.

APK and I went to Wilson House on Saturday to view the collection of Rolls Royces. Quite divine. We went to a barbecue out in Rockville on Saturday afternoon and then to the Taft party in West Falls Church Saturday evening. APK said it was an unoffical tour of the DC suburbs.

Highlight of Saturday? An actual dance off took place in SS's living room at the Taft party. People actually tapped others to take their place on the dance floor. This certainly should be included in more parties. It had me laughing harder than the cupcakes decorated with mustaches or the "Pin the Tache on Taft" game.


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