Monday, June 12, 2006

Weeeeeee! kend

I'm back to normal, sort of, after a hangover beyond hangovers yesterday. Blah.

Friday night, met AM and DF at La Tosca for some drinks and music. Watching a good dancer shimmy to the cover Gypsy Kings song, I realized she was belly dancing. I suppose butt-shaking is butt-shaking is butt-shaking. Sangria was yummy. AM is tiny. Teensy. About 4'10" and not more than a size 0 (if that). 3 girls together will inevitably discuss dietting. That's what we talk about. Diets and boys. Anyways, guess she's on what Marie Claire calls "the French Diet". She just didn't grow up eating low-fat. DF said she's the only skinny girl she's ever met who has all full-fat products in her fridge. She's never had a canned soup or a frozen dinner. So strange to me.... but I suppose when you don't see food as anything more than energy, you don't overeat.

Saturday, SG and I went to the Nats vs Phillies game. Got there an hour early AND still missed getting one of the 1500 bobbleheads they were giving out. Don't ask me why I was upset about this. I mean, what would I have done with the bobblehead anyways. There's just something to be said for the excitement of getting anything that's free.

Oh, so fatty 10 year old sitting in front of us at the game. We watched the mother allow this kid to eat ice cream, cotton candy, Cracker Jacks, a hot dog, and peanuts all before the 6th inning. No wonder there's obesity in America. Not to mention credit card debt. Hello! That's pushing $50 in crap food!

Saturday night Kate had her kickball team over for drinks starting at 6pm. I was upset that APK hadn't called or texted since he left for Vegas. My head is a terrible place for fears to end up. Such a mess, my thoughts. APK is not Jerk. He did text me... I didn't receive the text. He wasn't off hooking up with someone. Regardless, I didn't know. All I knew was there he was in Vegas. He didn't tell me he was meeting up with SC both Thursday and Friday nights (apparently Thursday was a last minute decision), so I took that info as "well, he must be doing other things he didn't tell me about too." Luckily, I repress emotions and get angry and self-destructive (rather than chug pints of Ben and Jerry's while watching An Affair to Remember). So, I declared myself single (SG said- single as in shopping for groceries with food on the shelf) and went out to drink. And drink. And drink. Quite a fun night. I definitely talk bigger than I act though (meaning, yeah I said I was single but I certainly didn't act like I was single).

3am- text to APK- "OUT drunk. Upset you've not called. Officially single tonight."
3am- text to SC- "APK didn't call me. I am ending it. Very upset."
6am- call from APK- "What does that mean? I'm sorry I didn't call. I texted you twice. Didn't you see the text. Did you do something tonight?" Me, after 30 minutes to one another "I think I'm still drunk. I need to go throw up. Can we talk later?"
9am- text to SG "Can't come to pool. Hungover beyond hungover."

I had to monitor my pee for the whole day anyways (ie, apologize to Kate that I had to keep a bin of urine in the fridge AND promise to fully sterilize the whole thing today). TMI?

GS, in phone conversation yesterday afternoon, "Wait, you're doing that today? It's going to be completely flammable!"

I assume my doctor will be calling to suggest AA for me at any moment.


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