Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is anyone else freaking out?

Okay, so Lance Bass just came out of the closet. I'm not even going to explore my thoughts on that news... well maybe just a couple of points:
  • I didn't know people with Down Syndrome had a sex drive.
  • He says he didn't come out because he was scared of what it would do to the band's reputation... uh huh... because we found them soooo masculine.
  • He came out coincidentally before he launched his new sitcom about being gay.
  • He says, "The thing is, I'm not ashamed - that's the one thing I went to say. I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this. I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happy." Does anyone else think it's funny that he used the word happy about a gazillion times. Can't he officially say he's "gay" now?

But I'll tell you what, it just makes the statistic even more real... if 10% of Americans are homosexual, then this is completely obvious. Take the 2 boy bands, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, at 5 members each- 10 people. 1 in 10 will be homosexual. Someone was bound to come out.

I am freaking out a bit about the y chromosome becoming extinct. If the majority of men in 20 years are gay or effeminate, can I expect to have a dowry system back in play when I have a daughter (and yes, I WILL have a daughter. Her name will be Eden. We will dress in matching outfits and sew clothes for her Barbie)? Seriously though, if men become extinct, can we expect that parents will be forced to auction off their daughters to the few priceless males who could carry on their name? Will parents need to have 2 savings accounts upon the birth of a child- college and dowry?

I've also been thinking a lot about how smart, educated, caring women and men no longer want to bring children into this world. My roommate, for example, is brilliant and beautiful and in a committed relationship with an equally impressive partner. She's not sure she wants children. Now, if the truly educated are perhaps more skeptical of bringing children into today's world so much so that they don't in fact procreate, and only the poor, uneducated parents continue to have children, can we expect that in several years time we won't be living in a progressive society?

Those are my thoughts on the matter.


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