Friday, July 07, 2006

Jazz on Jackson- take 3

Another first Thursday (April-September), another wonderful evening at Jazz on Jackson Place. This time the Decatur House took down the tent. Risky with the sudden showers in DC, but definitely greatly appreciated. The weather was perfect, the music magical, and the crowd- well, it was all basically people Suave, myself, or IH knew.

Things I learned last night and this weekend-

Suave's hottie salsa partner dated Dick Hunter for a bit. We should make sure he's been tested since (mentally and STD wise).

I've now met 3 people on the e-mail between the Bacon and I. Everyone describes the Bacon as argumentative and annoying. Not one person agreed with the e-mail chain. Asshole.

I love the Beacon Bar. Think it's great for food and drinks. The staff is so nice. But the hell is this roof top price increase on the martini's? $4 downstairs and $11 upstairs???? And the menu upstairs is complete crap. None of the fun tapas of the downstairs. I get that you pay a premium for the view but can they at least bring the drink price down to $7 or $8. That seems more reasonable. Are we to believe that the electricity bill for the elevator ride up to the top costs them that much of an additional premium?

I think that their should be a government policy capping the price of drink in cities. Honestly. You can't prove to me that the Beacon Sky Bar or Eyebar spend that much more than the Big Hunt on their digs. It should be dealt with like gasoline. Federally restricted against price gauging.

So, I'm off to lunch in a bit with IH and AC. Should be a good time. Tonight, Superman Returns with Master G and her friend.

Have a fun weekend!!!


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