Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vanity and Pricing

I'm wearing what I consider to be a sexy dress today. It's not really low cut or short, but it's clingy in all the right places. I bought it especially for tonight's happy hour at the Morrison-Clark Inn. It's got a bold floral pattern, however, so I'm definitely hip conscious.

The problem with living in a big liberal city is that you can never truly gage whether or not you look good. I never think I look skinny enough or pretty enough in the mirror, so I rely on the kindness of strangers. When I walk down the street on the way to work in the morning, I watch to see if men check me out. This has worked for quite some time now. (And yes, I have been known to turn around and change my outfit).

Anyways, problem with the gayboyhood is that I only get checked out by construction workers and homeless people (both of which would ogle a telephone poll if it had breasts). Gay men only check you out when you look bad. AND- the even bigger issue- there are so many metrosexual DC men that you can never tell if you're being eyed because you look good or because you're wearing last season's Prada.

Last night, I met APK at Beacon Bar for a happy hour thrown by three girls who throw happy hours about once a month. It was on the rooftop at the Beacon Bar ... which sucks on soooo many levels.

First, the martini's downstairs are $4 each. Tapas are between $3-$8. And not just at happy hour. These are the prices all night. This is why Beacon Bar rocks.

The upstairs bar charges $11 for the same martini. They claim it's on behalf of the premium view. The view's certainly not 150% greater than it is downstairs. You can't see the Mall or the White House. There's no live music. There's no unbelievable appetizer for free. The waiters are wearing bells and whistles. So what's with the increase in price? What are you getting for the cost other than frizzy hair? (A fan would be nice). It's just not worth the price increase to drink upstairs... especially when the drinks are less than half the price downstairs. Can you honestly prove to me that the electricity bill from the elevator (the only noticeable differing expense between the two locations) is high enough that an $7 increase on matrinis is necessary?


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