Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bob Woodward, Starving Away Sins, and Broccoli Casserole

That's pretty much the summary of my weekend.

Bob Woodward is a vain a-hole!

I was volunteering at the National Book Festival Saturday afternoon. I was at Book Signing Tent 2 for most of the day. My tent hosted a fabulously nice Robert V. Remini, who told us the 3-book-signing rule was not applicable to him and chatted with each and every person who waited in line to have him sign copies of his books. He even remembered one woman who's husband proposed to her on the House floor. She had sent him a letter. According to Remini, when he received the letter, he told a person on his staff to record it as historical information to the House of Representatives which has only hosted one wedding in the 1800s and one proposal... this woman. We hosted 2 other very nice authors.

Bob Woodward was scheduled to arrive for signing at Book Tent #1 at 3pm. People started getting in line for his signature at 8:45am. By the time I got to the Mall at 12:30, lines 1-4 were full. By 2:30pm, there were 8 lines. His rules were only one book signed per person with no personalizations. At 3pm, an ostentatious amount of security and press were standing by Tent #1 awaiting his arrival. At 3:15 pm, three golf carts filled with security guards arrived with Woodward in the middle. Beside his center cart, two guards walked on either end. Following the carts, two Policeman in full uniform trotted along. He left at 4:15pm. He got through 3 1/2 lines. Now, in comparison...

At 2:30pm, I moved over to Tent #4. Mo Willems', best-selling children's book author, line was already forming for his 4pm, he had 5 lines. Mo Willems stayed an extra half-hour to get through each of those lines. He allowed 3 books to be signed with personalizations as requested. He had to use the bathroom at one point, so he got up, actually ran to the public port-o-potties, and returned to sign books. Bob Woodward's a pretentious a-hole apparently.

Broccoli Casserole is delicious.

I hosted break the fast last night at my apartment. I'm in love with this recipe, by the way. Though, I made the bread crumbs out of Ritz, Cheese-Its, and a 1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese. Paula Deen's recipes are always sooooo good. I try to just ignore (and not gag) when she says "the most important ingredient in Southern food is lots of love."


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