Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Have you ever...

noticed how the looks of many women can be categorized into those of animals?

I see the following as the primary groups we belong within:

Bird women-

Pointy noses, big eyes, usually blonde hair. Some missing chins.
Paris Hilton sort of looks like a bird to me.

mousy girls-

Small little things with huge eyes and smaller features. Many have pointy ears and huge cheeks. Rachel Bilson is mouse-like.

Daisy Ducks-

Does anyone else think Daisy Duck sort of looks like Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke? I'm categorizing women with huge, usually unnecessary, bottoms as Daisy Ducks. Bubble butts to me resemble duck rear. Who cares if they've got big lips or nice eyes, all you can notice is their big ol' lower half. So Ass men out there, think about it, you're screwing a duck bottom in my mind. And please, don't let this become a new fetish porn banned in the US. I might become a nun if I start seeing duck porn in stores. Did anyone else see Howard the Duck? What a strange movie that was...

Siamese if you please-

So, I've been told I look like a car. Sultry eyes, little nose, dark lashes. I suppose lots of women have this kitty look (hmmm, maybe that's where the word we're all thinkin' about now comes from?). As far as someone we all know, I'd say Jessica Alba has a total feline appeal.

So, yeah, definitely not every women falls into one of the above categories. However, I think you'll find that the more you look at people in this way, the more you'll see how right I am.


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