Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tid Bits

The adorable sons of my friends from Bama...

were dressed as Buzz and Woody for Halloween. I've determined that I don't find all children cute. I don't know if that's a lack of maternal instinct or a sign that perhaps I'm entirely too judgmental. I saw pics of a friend's baby recently who came out with baby acne. Not a pretty sight. "If I think babies are ugly, I am not ready to be a mom definitely," I said to my mother on the phone. Then Eye sent out pictures of her new niece, Noa, who is the most gorgeous little child. Satin skin, dark hair... Suri-like. Apparently, I'm ready to be a mom so long as my child is precious. But I suppose, reading this, you should be happy that I'm not more gooey about children. At least you know when I say they are cute, they are cute as hell. Below are Jackson and Brooks in their Buzz and Woody gear.

Since Glamour named VPL (Visible Panty Lines) as the #1 Don't of all times...

do all women wear thongs now? A chick in front of me at CVS with no make-up, ratty hair, ill-fitted cargos, and a t-shirt (with stains) bent over to get a pack of gum. Her thong totally popped out... and I was left a bit speechless. Things crossed my mind like:

Is she on drugs pimpin' herself out to get her fix?

Was Victoria's Secret having a thong sale I didn't know about?

Thank goodness for a business office. Is that what I'd look like daily if I worked from home?

Watching election results in DC makes politics fun.

I'm the first to admit my political IQ is missing in action. If it wasn't for the Today Show, CNN Alerts, and Jon Stewart, I'd probably have no idea we were even at war. Hanging with people who giggle when Bernie Sanders wins (and not hear the name wrong and think to themselves, as I did, wait Colonel Sanders is running in VT? I thought he was dead. Does this mean that Ben & Jerry will have chicken ice cream now?)

That being said, I did think it was funny that in the midst of election time, CNN Alerts sent out something yesterday notifying us that Brittany and Kevin filed for divorce. And for the record, I went to CNN immediately to get the scoop.

More from the Pea in India.

Some of the highlights of the most recent two emails...

Our guides name was Vicky, oh another thing I have noted, is that all foreigners feel the need to shorten their name to make it easier for the Americans, they also think America is great and can't wait to get there, although sadly most that we have run in to never will. Additionally EVERYONE we have run into knows all about American politics and the one thing they all agree on is their dislike of Bush, minus one guy in the airport who quoted Gandhi "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" aka. don't talk about others poorly, what a thought for the day...

Alright all, tomorrow we are off to the Pushkar Camel Fair, we are looking forward to camels as far as the eye can see and probably some more shopping, so off to the desert we go!!!

Well in the midst of sending the email 2 days ago I got side tracked per usual, India is crazy what can I say. Well today it is Day 2 in Pushkar and tomorrow we go back to Jaipur...we are at the Pushkar camel fair......It is super chaotic, my mom and I have decided that the Fair is like Ocean City on the 4th of July, on steroids-people are everywhere!!!

and all these beggars want their picture taken for money -like a quarter but still....

on top of that all the people like to see their digital pics so they want them taken...Needless to say I've taken over 1,000 pictures how great technology is..I wonder how many will end up in print!!

So last night was a full moon, they had a special ceremony here and people came from all over to bath in the lake starting at 3 am!!!

One of the coolest things about Pushkar was seeing all the young Israelis, apparently after their service in the Army they head to India to relax!!



Tonight is my date with the Gorgeous Giant.

It's raining. I'm bummed. My hair will be frizzy. I hope we drink enough that he doesn't notice. I'm excited... seeing as it's been more than 10 months since I had a first date!


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