Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When to Catch. When to Drop.

When to catch a failing, falling, barely fluttering friendship? When to nurture it back to health?

If it makes you a better person. If the reason you fight is because you care so deeply what your friend thinks. If your life without them seems pointless.

When to drop a failing, falling, fruitless friendship? When to let it slip, Buckner-like, through your legs?

If it makes you cry when your most upset at life. If the reason you fight is because you have opposing definitions of integrity. If your view of life, while scary, seems more carefree.

If, while taking a break from your friendship, you are de-friended from someone on MySpace and Friendster... told that your words have been marked... threatened that a grudge is now being carried.

If your friend can't appreciate that you've stepped away from what could be the end of a good friendship to breath and get rid of the animosity and drama that engulfed both of you, if instead your friend cuts off the friendship entirely....

Then you drop it.


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