Friday, December 29, 2006

My brother cracks me up.

There ain't no one else in the world with my sense of humor. So, here's what Josh sent me for Hanukkah:

The Teen Witch DVD. Imagine being a growing young boy in your most formative years and having the girliest sister ever who makes you watch Teen Witch and Can't Buy Me Love non-stop?

The back of the DVD: "Louise is a shy misfit with a huge crush on- and no chance of dating- Brad, the hunky star of the high school football team. And when Louise discovers on her 16th birthday that she's descended from Salem witches, she uses her newfound powers to become the most popular girl on campus! But when sparks fly between her and Brad, how can she be sure it's true love... and that he's not simply spellbound?"

My favorite scene had her using a voodoo doll on the teacher who was mean to her. Oh, I laughed and laughed...

Also, my brother sent me a Simpson's rubik's cube shaped like Homer's head, cards with pink dresses on them, and post-its that are shaped like martini glasses and read "Party girls have all the fun."

In retaliation, The Adventures of Pete & Pete season 1 (two brothers with the same name, how much funnier can you get!) and Flight of the Navigator are now on their way to him at college. Last year, I gave him Peewee's Playhouse season 1.


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