Thursday, December 28, 2006

To Be Sweet or Bitchy

That is the eternal question I ask myself.

If you are a bit hard to get and even the smallest thing can turn you off (including if a guy is too into you), is it better to be upfront and honest when you like someone?

I ask myself with every guy, how I should I act? And, it's not just about being yourself, because, in my case, I am myself being both. As I put it recently, I'm a little bit Martha Stewart and a little bit Conde Nast. I'm a bitch to those I don't like, aloof to those I don't know well without interest of getting to know, and sweet without limit to those I consider my friends.

So, how do you act with relationships? Do you cook them dinner or let them take you out to the nicest restaurant in town? Do you say things like, "I'm fine with whatever you want to do as long as I'm with you."

What's the correct way to behave? I've always been on the side of, your actions should be hard to get, but your words should be connected.

I'm confused.


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