Friday, December 29, 2006

The Last TGIF of 2006...

And I'm listening to my Nano at the moment remembering my life. Does anyone else have moviesque flashbacks? You know, where you start selectively remembering a montage of your past experiences usually to music? Since I loaded all 150 of my CDs, collected from about 12 years old, I'm revisiting many different chapters of my life listening to my songs on shuffle.

Like, "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai-

I bought the Travelling Without Moving CD at RISD during my summer pre-college art program. During the first week of the 6-week program, I was smitten with blond hair, blue eyed Peter. I finally kissed him on the first Friday of my stay... in the RISD quad... while drunk after chugging Jack Daniels my friend Nina had hidden in Arizona Ice Tea bottles in her dorm room. I had made friends with this total hippy from Maine named Taylor. He had long hair he wore in a low pony tail and huge dimples. All his shirts were announcements of some Phish show he'd seen. Everyone wanted Taylor. Morgan, in particular, wanted Taylor.

Taylor and I took a walk down to the waterfront the next Saturday. Sitting talking about my kissing Peter and him not liking Morgan, he admitted to me that he had feelings for me. My whole body tensed up. He walked me back to my dorm room, which was completely unnecessary actually, and then in the hallway, he turned me to him and started kissing me. I've never had that sort of kiss again. It was pretty much the magical kiss of my life. A girl on my floor was playing Jamiroquai loudly, and "Virtual Insanity" always reminds me of that first kiss.

Much happened after the kiss though. I wasn't sure I liked Taylor that much. He irritated me at times. Coming home from shopping on Thayer Street with the girls two weeks later, Taylor and some others were jumping around in the puddles leftover from a rain storm. He thought it would be funny to hug me in my pricey new Anna Sui dress. I looked at him, wet and sweaty, and told him it was over.

Then I missed Taylor. Desperately missed Taylor. I hung out with other guys and just wanted them to be Taylor. Of course, Taylor no longer wanted me. Taylor, the first in a long history of indecisive regrets on my part...


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