Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Muses and Magic

Evite I sent out for last night:

I figured we should have a night to share A Night of Mystique costumes, decide on magic tricks, and more. Also, I just got Warhol's Poor Little Rich Girl and Ciao! Manhattan on DVD. So, how about I cook us all a nice big pasta dinner, and we catch up on the event while watching Edie's demise? Hope ya'll can join! -Sam

Thus, the Master, District Belle, Suave, Vive, Jer, UL, Noah, and Dylan, gathered at my house last night for some pasta and some seriously boring footage of Edie naked shot with a blurred camera lense. We all chose a magic trick to learn. Jer slipped on his white gloves with his wand and got into tapping the top of a ball trick. I tried on my sequin outfit and wig for everyone. The Master performed two quick camp skits for all of us. We laughed like we were 10, and then ate chocolate creme pie.

I have a feeling I'll be too drunk doing my trick at the party and end up showing people HOW to do it instead.

Today's emails were in response to Suave suggesting we have food and non-alcoholic beverages available too. I found a Harry Potter party suggestion to include a potion bar. I've decided I'm okay with anything so long as it gets a cute "mystical" name.

Trying to explain the party to someone, I remarked, "basically, this is supposed to look like what I'm picturing in my head. It's a scary place, my head, I know."


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