Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do the Do.

I used to joke growing up that I had one aspiration- to be Vogue's "It Girl." Then, at Conde, I joked that I had revised my aspiration to be on the NY Post's Page Six for a good reason. Now, I've been in DC for a while, and I have revised my aspiration again to be more worldly, if you will. I'd like to someday be in Wikipedia for a good reason (no sexual scandal or death by Congressman).

Okay, so, since I've yet to discover a cure for Cancer or peace plan for the Middle East, I'll revise again. I'd like to get spotted as a Do in Glamour's new online Dos and Don'tspotter. Possible, right? Besides which, I'm mildly obsessed with rating other peoples hideous snapshots of visible panty lines, tees that say things, and American Flag apparel. Go play here.


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