Monday, June 11, 2007

Jazz and Cell Phones and Sliding Roofs

What an interesting weekend.

Thursday was June's Jazz on Jackson Place at the Decatur House. Pitch forwarded the Evite on to a few hundred dozen of his closest DC friends, so the crowd was more diverse than in previous months. It also was evident that JOJP is catching on and is become less of a hidden gem in DC. They've upped the catered nibblets to include fancier cheeses and sushi or chocolate covered strawberries, and they've put more tables throughout the whole courtyard. The days of knowing everyone under 35 was a friend of mine or Suave's is rapidly diminishing.


After Jazz, a couple of us headed to Cafe Citron for some mojitoville time. There, we were, as usual, accosted by short foreign dudes and 21-year-old WASPs. Why does this always seems to be the crowd at Cafe Citron? In the car with JB on the way back to my apartment, I was ecstatic to sing along to The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia on WMZQ.

Friday evening I met PC at Oyamel in Chinatown for fancy tacos, guacamole, and drinks before heading to the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company's production of Dead Man's Cell Phone. Read PC's overview of the marketing campaign here. The play was highly entertaining and incredibly funny. The premise is that a shy girl finds the cell phone of a dead man and ends up comforting his loved ones. The twists in the plot though definitely leave you wondering if someone slipped pot into your dinner, into their dinner, or into the metro air system.

Oh, and the lead character is played by Polly Noonan who was the girl in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
in the last scene on the bus who offers Mr. Rooney gummy bears from her pocket. She's still as cartoonish in speaking voice and expression, and it works extraordinarily well for the production. After the show, we were able to ask the playwright questions. It was interesting to see how similar she and Polly Noonan seemed.

After the show, a reception was held with truffles, wine, and board members (this was the sponsors showing night). We drank more, talked shop, and then headed to Buffalo Billiards for more alcohol. I'm wondering how badly my life would suck if I stopped drinking. Damn good thing I've got no genetic addictions to alcohol in my blood line.

Jenny, Sassy, and I met on the roof of Tabaq on Saturday evening. We drank ridiculously expensive drinks while trying to tune out ridiculously pretentious and/or foreign conversations around us. We got adequately buzzed and walked over to Buzz Kill 16 (my new name for Local 16). Seriously, every time I go to Local 16, I lose my buzz. I- wait in line at the door, wait in line to get upstairs, wait in line to get a tiny expensive drink from a pompous bartender, wait in line for the bathroom, wait in line to get back on the patio, wait in line to get inside once the patio is closed, and pretend to be drunk enough to want to talk to fake-ID carrying B&T boy so I can scootch ahead of him down the stairs to leave.

Text from Pitch: "Come dance upstairs."
Text to Pitch: "Sassy and I are in cab to Big Hunt to meet Brando."

The rooftop at the Big Hunt, despite a couple tattooed and faux-hawked dudes, had tables, chairs, and a much more pleasant atmosphere.

I stayed there until around 2am and then headed home for bed. I didn't get out of bed until roughly 2pm yesterday. Though, Brando recently got me hooked on Top Chef and technically I was watching Marcel be an ass from 10am on. But, it was in my sweatpants tucked under my toile comforter, so, let's say I was a lazy bum regardless.

Last night I tossed some hickory chips and charcoal on my barbecue and over cooked some chicken that I intend to eat all week. Mmmm. Now I'm hungry already.

Way to kick start the week for sure. Hope you had a nice weekend and didn't end up with any dead person's cleaning up or anything.


  • At June 12, 2007, Blogger Peter S. Corbett said…

    Nice take on DMCP. BTW, I ended up at Buzz Kill 16 on Sat. night too. I need to stop going there.

  • At June 12, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Wow, sushi for JOJP? I'm only curious what July holds in store. Figured it was 'round that time of year for Local 16 to become unpleasant... glad I made it to the rooftop when it was still quasi-chilly and the crowds were still not out in full force.


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