Monday, May 21, 2007

I Couldn't Hardly Wait

Oh, what a weekend. Just when I thought life was becoming stagnant.

I met Sassy and District Belle at L'Enfant Plaza Hotel after work for some drinks before the Hirshhorn Museum's Afterhours event. I was highly disappointed to find that the Foggy Bottom Brewery in the hotel's lobby (one of the few options down near the Smithsonian to choose from) didn't have happy hour specials. That's got to be price gauging.

But, we found our way through 2 glasses of wine each and headed to the Hirshhorn.

We met up with Vive, Brando, AM, Franky, and others for drinks outside in the courtyard. There we spotted several interesting characters including Matthew Lesko in his infamous question mark suit, a man dressed like the Easter Bunny (see below), and a British guy I met at my cousin's wedding last weekend in NYC.

I, unfortunately, made the poor decision to not monitor my drinking and thus was entirely too drunk to deal with looking at the actual exhibition. I'm told it was entertaining though. After seeing just about everyone I could randomly ever imagine seeing, I decided to call it a night and rest up for Saturday's festivities (aka a gazillion parties).

The drinking kicked off at the Georgetown waterfront. Peter and company were saying goodbye to a friend who was moving to Philly. This involved much alcohol and the thought of food coming up only after the world was blurry. I hitched a ride with his crew to Nolan's for the mid-season kickball party. Open bar from 8pm-11pm, except it was only on rail drinks and beer... which does me zero good.

The Mack picked Brando and I up around 10:30pm and then we grabbed Franky and headed to Brando's friends party out in the Virginia burbs. Okay, not terribley impossible to get to (like right near the East Falls Church metro), but it's a damn good thing the party was fantastic or else the trip would have been a bitchfest for me.

Brando's friends rented this ridiculous house from some Ambassador and the wood-panelled sub zero fridge was really only the beginning. They'd managed to acquire a moon bounce for the evening, and had placed in the front lawn with tiki torches all around. We drank some alcohol punch in excess before taking to the jump. That was silly. Moon bounce + alcohol = sick.

The Mack: "Do you want me to find out what's in the punch?" Me: "Three weeks ago I drank hunch punch out of a trash bag-lined bin. I've lost all rights to ask what's in anything anymore."

We danced entirely too much to my iPod's random assortment of songs. Then, we took crazy funny pictures with the guests (it was a "Make Your Own Theme" party so the costumes were random beyond belief). Finally, we went to sit down outside for a bit and began talking to some Swedish guys.

Me: "So what are you doing in the states?" Swedes: "We just finished a year as Au Pairs. Now we are travelling." Me: "Wait, so you're, like, Mannies?" Swedes: "Huh? What is Manny?" Me: "Oh, male nannies." Swedes: "I don't know that term." The Mack: "I know how to say two things in Swedish- IKEA and meatball." Swedes: "Haha. Meatballs." The Mack: "I don't like that it takes forever to put together IKEA furniture." Franky: "Yeah, it's like squiggle goes with squiggle. What's that about?" Swedes: "You talk to fast. What are you saying?" The Mack: "We think you should make the directions for putting together furniture easier. And meatballs aren't that good either."

Later, Franky commented, "Basically, it's like me meeting someone and them saying, 'Yeah, you're pretty cool, but I had this falafel the other day that sucked. It's your fault entirely.'"

Yesterday I had jury duty and randomly saw pink vest guy. He remembered me, and we spent all day chatting and talking. He's my new BFF.

I have more to write, re: my date auction date that sucked last night, but I'm tired. Sorry kids.


  • At May 22, 2007, Blogger Sam said…

    Is that Peter? WTF?

    Small world.

  • At May 22, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    Yeah, we just discovered all of this Monday when we ended up on jury duty together. We're now Facebook friends and you're are common friend. It's a small small world.

  • At May 22, 2007, Blogger Peter S. Corbett said…

    Sam you shouldn't be surprised that i'm all over this town. What you should be surprised by is that someone is actually capable of dressing more waspy than you!

  • At May 22, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Wait, it sucked? No good.

  • At May 23, 2007, Blogger Sam said…

    First of all in my world Easter Bunnies are periwinkle, not pink.

    Second, WASP is like so 1999 Corbett. Try "east coast post-prep school grunge" Good line though.

    Well maybe I will see everyone at the 1869 cocktail hour or the Friday morning geek fest.


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