Friday, June 15, 2007

Tid Bits

18th Street Lounge rooftop-

I'm a fan. Vive planned a happy hour there yesterday. I'd never been to the outside part. Drinks were hideously overpriced ($9 each for Stoli raz and sprite), but the funky decor and attractive clientele almost made up for it. Apparently the bartender on the deck (who looked pissed off when anyone ordered anything, which I don't get. Isn't that his job?) was requiring a $25 minimum on credit card tabs, but the bartender inside on the 1st floor was only requiring a $10 minimum. That was strange.

Metro Ride-

I don't usually take the metro in the mornings, but I did take it back from Ballston this morning (and, yes, I'm being vague on purpose here). I was leaving from the Virginia Square stop. So, I get down to the train and in the doors just as an announcement tells us that the train has been stopped for a while and another train is coming on the opposite platform (the side going to Vienna). Everyone files out of the train and up the escalator to the other side just as a train is closing it's doors (ie, like 10 people got on the train). So, we're standing on the Vienna side, confused, and an announcement tells us the train on the original side is now leaving. We all file up the escalator and down to the other side just as the doors are closing on that train to (ie barely 10 people got on the train). Then, we all stand, waiting, for 6 minutes until another train comes along.

Did I mention how happy I am that I commute by foot?

While waiting, a weird looking man approached me and asked if I worked at a specific company.

Me: Nope. Sorry. Do I look like someone who does?
Weirdo: No.
Me: Okay.
Weirdo: Do you work for Senator Brown's office?
Me: Nope. Sorry again. What state is that?
Weirdo: Ohio.
Me: Oh. Are you from Ohio?
Weirdo: No.

And then he walked away. It was bizarre.

Only capped by the chick next to me standing on the metro who was reading The Majesty's Dragon while moving her lips along and with a pointer. She kept toppling over when the train stopped, because she couldn't read, use the pointer, and hold onto a poll.

I remember once pointing out that Manhattan had 20 times more crazy people than anywhere else I'd lived. Jerk then commented, "It's just that there's only 10 miles of island for them to occupy thus they're more concentrated and appear larger in number."

What's DCs excuse?

Gala Time-

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year Campaign is almost complete. Tomorrow night's the gala. Pitch is coming as my date. We're wearing black tie ensembles. I'm excited for the photos.


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