Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trojan says men are pigs and other tid bits.

Forward from Vive's friend:

Check out Trojan's new condom ad:

According to Kaiser,
Fox and CBS recently rejected a television commercial for Trojan condoms, the New York Times reports. Fox in a letter to Trojan said it rejected the ad because contraceptive "advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy." CBS in a rejection wrote that the ad was not "appropriate" for the network "even with late-night only restrictions."

Lame of both Fox and CBS, but I think the commercial is quite funny!

Leave it to Peter to send me the following gChat message first thing in the morning:

Peter: where not to have sex:,2933,284955,00.html

I then cut and pasted the link for Brando:

Brando: i'll read it later. i'm in a room with 4 people. ha.
Sam: subject header is "S.C. Cops: Naked Couple Falls 50 Feet From Rooftop to Their Deaths"
Brando: hahaha. nice.
Sam: so, make sure not to do it on any roofs.
Brando: ok. i'll remember that one.

Palm Beach Tanning in Arlington:

I'm unable to fake and bake. My father's a burn doctor. I'd be disowned. Even when tanning beds were deemed safe (wtf?) back in the 90s, I couldn't go with my friends just in case I spontaneously combusted and was found by my folks charcoaled in a bed. I'd be put in an anonymous grave in Alaska before they allowed me next to them having died in such a way.

Incidentally, when I smoked, I used to joke that I couldn't cheat on lung cancer with skin cancer.

Anyways, I'm going to Dewey with the ladies this weekend and pale. Not as pale as I was before Florida. But pale enough to not look like the bronzed goddess I have in my head I could be with a tan (I'm not sure why we all think a tan can make us look like a Hawaiian Tropics model suddenly, but all the same).

So, I went to Palm Beach Tan on Wilson Blvd. for a Mystic Tan (spray on without UV rays). They open at 6am, so it's possible to go before work, which is nice. The Assistant Manager was the most pleasant person on the planet even super early in the morning (I'm not exaggerating). She explained everything to me and then had me watch a video. It's a little confusing figuring out what the "barrier cream" you put on your feet and hands does. She was very good about explaining. $25 later, I have a nice, mild glow that doesn't scream skin cancer victim with potential for 35-year-old leather face.

And that's all.


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