Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Big Fat Embarrassing Bar Mitzvah

That's my hair, uh I mean that's me (hello big hair), and my brother 13 years ago at my Bat Mitzvah. According to Judaic tradition, I was supposed to become a woman that day. But nature had other plans for me, and I was the last person in my grade to develop boobs. Not until the summer before Freshman year of high school did I even sprout an inch. But I showed them. I left as a training bra at the end of 8th grade and came back as a full size C. And no, that's good genetics not a good plastic surgeon. So let's just say most of the guys dancing with me at my Bat Mitzvah were doing it more for good manners than for interest in my hot looks.

But the good news for me is that tonight, with my straightening iron being put to good use, I will get to relive Bat Mitzvah time. Nope, not a rebirth, a 21+ party being held at Sixth & I with a Bat Mitzvah theme. My Big, Fat, Embarrassing Bar Mitzvah Party. $15 gets you in and 3 drinks. APK has promised that he'll make out with me to all 7 minutes of "November Rain", and he'll still date me even if I decide to turn my shirt around when "Jump Jump" comes on... The Electric Slide will also be danced, with the Bus Stop dip, and this time around, no Keds are required.


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