Monday, April 03, 2006

Behind the Story

I am not sure that everyone has to backstory conversation as often as I do. Most everything I do and most everyone I know has a backstory. I've tried my best to abridge the majority of my storytelling in order to avoid "This one time at band camp" style stories. Sometimes it's hard not to give a back story though.

Friday night, we had our 4th Shabbat Cluster dinner at a ML's family apartment in the Andover House. ML's in law school living with his parents who are renting at the Andover House until their new condo is built. I imagine that their original home was much larger than their two bedroom current residence. This would explain the gazillion freakish sculptures throughout the main room of the house, the scariest of these appearing to be a satanic elf jumping over another satanic elf. IH asked a great question regarding people who appreciate strange artwork and decoration. If you grow-up around it, will you eventually acquire it? I wonder if a study has ever been done. Even more freakish was the mini-dog who appeared to have cataracts. Apparently, the dog was hit by a car and lost his eyeball and the vet just popped it back in. Try learning that information before eating dinner.

APK and I came back to my place after dinner to rest up for Saturday's festivities. I awoke in desperate need for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald's. I must point out, I've not had anything from McDonald's in over two years. I'm not sure what this craving meant, but I pushed it aside and refrained from reducing myself to an 18-year old college coed again.

Saturday's day of parties began in Arlington at a Lavish Luau in honor of a friend of a friend from Bama. BG was hit on by a dude. This is the second time in two weeks that a friend of mine who declares to be straight has been hit on by another dude. Metrosexuality must make men who prefer men a little angry. It certainly offers an odd form of cock-block as far as the pick-up game is concerned. SG and I left the Luau around 4, picked up IH and APK, and headed to Northeast for a barbecue at JB's. They'd pulled out a futon, coffee table, and large television onto the front lawn. It felt a little bit like college and a little bit like a Kid Rock bash.... especially when someone decided to throw a roll of toilet paper directly INTO the key lime pie. Fun times.

We came home, changed, and headed to SC's for some pre-drinks before heading to RG's party in Shaw. You know you are one-happening-dude when you can be held up at a work function, miss your own party, and still have it be jumping. The new Mr. It criteria? Must be able to throw soiree where even the mention of your name makes the party a scene.

After RG's, we cabbed to Northeast to JM's party. The evening ended around 3am with a large migration of people attempting to order cabs. We figured it out though, you must tell them on the phone that the cab will be making multiple stops. It's not worth the cabby's time to come all the way out the Northeast for a two-zone fare.

Yesterday APK and I took a stroll through the Cherry Blossoms with every other tourist in DC. I think cherry blossoms look like nipples. This made me laugh for the majority of the day and evening and now... hmmm, maybe I am still a college coed at heart.


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