Friday, May 05, 2006

Jazz on Jackson Place

Went to Jazz on Jackson place with JG, formerly known as Grants Boy, and MC. So much fun! $10 ($7.50 if you're a Decatur House member). This includes- admission to elegant museum right near the White House with outside courtyard tented off for the summer, great jazz, wine and beer bar, and cheese and fruit. Oh, and a tour, but we were way too into the alcohol and jazz to go wander. The Decatur House holds these fundraisers on the first Thursday of every month between April and September from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Everyone was much younger than expected... in their late 20s-30s. Great time. Definitely planning on going again.

Afterwards, we went to the 51st State for drinks. The first time I took a cab by the bar, I thought it said the 31st State. It was right after I moved to DC, and all I can remember thinking was, "I will so not fit in! Do people living here honestly know off the top of their head what the 31st state was?" I googled it. The 31st State is actually California. Glad it's really just the 51st State. Clever is much funnier than academic. Although, only in DC would a bar called The Science Club also be so hot.

Going to lunch and then happy hour with IH today. Recovering, slowly, from too much alcohol. As usual.


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