Friday, June 09, 2006

I Get Irritated-

Yeah, there's always something worse that could happen to me. I could have been told I had one week to live rather than be told that my kidney's could be damaged. Yes, I I could not have a car at all or have my engine break rather than the window motor. Yes, I could have had my identity stolen by some 17-year old thug out in Detroit to buy his girlfriend a Louis Vuitton handbag rather than have Fidelity cancel my 401K for no good reason and send me a check in the mail.

Yes- there are waaaaaaaaaay worse things that could happen. But telling me that really doesn't help at all, does it now? It really doesn't make my issues solve themselves. My car window didn't suddenly restore itself to proper working condition simply because I suddenly was happy that it wasn't my engine that died.

While it's wonderful to be thankful for all that one has, it doesn't do you any good to make light of the real daily issues in your own life.


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