Monday, July 31, 2006

Quality Over Quantity

My parents just left town this morning. They've been here since Thursday afternoon, staying at the Churchill Hotel on Connecticut Ave. (where I have a discounted rate through my job). Their room had a window with a view of a wall. I never understood such ideas. Best to just leave the room the windowless. But, the price was good, and the bed was comfy. No complaints from them.

Friday night, my Mom and I went to the Verizon Center for the American Idols Live concert. The median age of attendees was 12. Mandisa was fantastic, though dressed terribly. Even from our bleacher seats, we could see her arm fat. Kelly Pickler was adorable... though I couldn't get out of my mind that she was dating egomaniac Constantine. It was Katharine McPhee's first show. She looked skinny. Only sang 2 songs... good songs... Black Horse in a Cherry Tree and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Elliot Yamin is short and ugly. From the nose bleeds, his voice was easier to enjoy (ya know, since we didn't have to look at his elf-like appearance). Taylor Hicks ROCKS! This adorable little girl two seats in front of us was dancing and cheering for him. I took pics. I'll upload them later for ya'll.

APK and Ralph took my dad to Front Page and Brickskellar. He seemed happy.

Saturday, my parents and I went down to the Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History. For dinner, we ate at Old Ebbitt Grill. Then we wandered around the White House. APK and I went to the Russian House for martinis after we dropped them back off at the hotel. My overpriced drink was complimented by a highly pretentious pick up scene set in crapped quarters with men in shorts and squeaky voiced blonde girls. The upity waitress took the liberty of re-checking our IDs (they were checked at the door). She was probably 3 years younger than me. I get a bit irritated by that behavior.... since it's the only power she can exert. Then they feel stupid since I'm 26. APK left her a tip anyways.

Sunday, we headed to the Museum of Air and Space. The Planetarium was actually quite interesting... and only 20 minutes so I didn't get overly bored. The IMAX film was narrated by Tom Hanks. I kept imagining him saying "Houston we have a problem." But he never did. That was a major bummer. Of course, not as large a disappointment as the boring Museum of Native American History. The building is beautiful. The content sucks. Really sucks. Read this review. I fully agree. It took us about 20 minutes to develop a complete lack of interest in the terrible exhibitions. It cost $14.00 for 3 sodas and a bag of chips. At least at the Verizon Center, the overpriced dinner came with a good show ($24 for 2 personal pizzas and 2 sodas).

I did nothing all weekend, but I'm exhausted. Going to stuff envelopes with Dress for Success tonight.


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