Monday, July 10, 2006

Wild Turkeys and Super Sperm

I spent the entire weekend running around.

Not that that's a bad thing. It was quite the DC weekend, as usual.

Friday night the Master and I met her friend and her friend's boyfriend at Thai Kitchen on M Street (which looked like it was going out of business because not a soul was inside, but apparently it always looks like that and it is always there... drug dealers?) We got left by the Master's coupling friend on our walk into Georgetown. They were totally THAT couple. Oblivious to any world outside of the two of them. It was a bit annoying. But I love that girl anyways. Why? Well, turns out APK hooked up with her about 2 years ago. A one-night thang, but still, she's cute. Very cute. He's into those glasses wearing, curly hair poorly done, short Jewish girls... well, he was before me... but it was nice to meet a cute, skinny, okay- glasses wearing, but trendy glasses wearing, good dresser. Thank goodness.

But back to THAT couple. Speeding off in front of us on the walk to talk about whether or not he'd convert to Judaism. Cuddling in the movie theater, with the Master and I next to them. Please shoot me if I ever become one of them.

We saw Superman Returns. I didn't think it was horrible. Campy, yes, but definitely entertaining. I really wish it had been rated R. I'd like to see a flashback to Lois and Superman's one-night stand that produced a child. Not Trojan endorsed I suppose. I see it going, as they are flying through the air- "Oh, Superman." "Oh, Lois." "Wait, hold on, can you put a condom on." "Superman doesn't have any STDs, Lois." "What about a child?" "Lois, my sperm is stronger than the average man. Super sperm." "Oh well."

And then he was a dead beat dad and went to find the remains of his old planet for 5 years without giving her any alimony. Super a-hole.

So apparently DC Kickball's celebrity wants to kill me. BUT he's not insane (merely pompous with a Napoleon syndrome) Kate said she's putting a sign on her bedroom door reading "Not a blogger. Don't read blogs at all."

I went to meet APK at Stetson's to avoid the party the Lost Boys were attending when DC Kickball Celebrity was attending. Not that I couldn't hold my own, but more because I didn't have the energy to explain to someone why their obvious attempts to make people know they were important suggested a lack of size in the areas that are important.

Saturday, I met a friend for lunch at Champs in Pentagon Row and then met up with Suave for a festival in Alexandria. Quite the girldate. We had dinner in Old Town and then sat on the grass in Oronoco Bay Park listening to a symphony play Broadway show tunes and watching fireworks. Tres romantic.

Certainly topped APK's mandate all afternoon. He went with a coworker who's about to get married for lunch and mini-golf.

We met APK and Ralph at Saint Ex around 11pm. Ralph totally impressed me... I suppose amongst every group of Lost Boys, someone ends up looking phenomenal for not going home with randoms at 1am, cooking, and caring when the dishes aren't done.

Sunday morning, I met Suave and her friends for brunch at Kramer Books. Yummy. We ended up sitting upstairs though. Did you know there's an upstairs? And a DC booth that hangs over the room? Go figure.

Last night, Peter and Ralph hosted a potluck dinner. Quite fun. We played poker, watched Entourage (which I'm just not that into... yeah yeah apparently the only one in America who's not that into the show), and relaxed.

Tomorrow night is the kickoff event for the Southern Jewish Cluster. I'm holding it in APK's building's party room. Very excited for some good Southern food and music. I'm baking a broccoli-pecan casserole.

Oh, funny, almost forgot. Conversation with Peter, Suave, and the Master.

The Master: "Yeah, I'm coming. Figure I got one of the two. I'm at least Jewish."
Me: "Doesn't really matter. Lots of people are coming that aren't either."
Peter: "I'm neither. What should I bring? Maybe just Wild Turkey. Do you think people will like that?"
Me: "No, it's vegetarian only. You heard about the Bacon!"
Peter: "Not A WILD TURKEY. Wild Turkey, like the drink."

Also funny joke from Suave.

Women's on a plane. She hears a whisper. "Nice shoes." Asks the man next to her, did you hear that? He says no. Didn't hear a thing. "Nice purse." Asks the man again. He heard nothing. "Nice hair." Okay, she rings the stewardess. "I keep hearing this voice that is telling me really nice things about myself. No one else seems to hear it." "Oh, don't worry. That's just the peanuts. They're complimentary."



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