Monday, August 07, 2006

Ali and Alyssa are ENGAGED!

How nice a day is August 6th 2006!

Alyssa got engaged last night in San Francisco. Her man told her they were going to meet another friend and his girlfriend for dinner in Full Moon Bay. She called their friend to find out where they were going so that she could look it up online. She thought it was sketchy when he fuzzed it up and had to call her back. Then, as they drove up to the Ritz at Full Moon Bay, she commented that she'd love to stay there someday. He responded that it would cost soooo much. When they got to the restaurant, he said their friend was running late and moved the reservation back. They should go for a walk on the water. With the golf course on one side and a cliff and water on the other, he went into a speech about how much he loved her and then dropped to one knee. She doesn't remember the rest. He'd packed her clothes in the car. They stayed the night. She called me at 5pm today.

My mom asked which of my friends was next. I said Ali. I said in the next week, I imagine.

Alison called at 10pm. I said congratulations right when she got on the phone. She asked how I knew. Friends intuition I suppose.

Alison and her man went to her beach house in CT for the weekend. Her sister was in town. On the ride back to NYC, she asked, jokingly, if he were going to propose in the next month because she'd need to make sure she kept up her nails. She was noticing she was in dire need of a manicure. They came back today and took a walk in Battery Park. With the Statue of Liberty in the distance, he talked about how much he loved her and then dropped to one knee.

She called me at 10pm to tell me.

Tell me that's not a big Sunday evening!


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