Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Tidbits-

OPD: I always think of Alison Sugarbaker on Designing Women when I meet those annoying people who just don't get life in general. She had what she termed Obnoxious Personality Disorder. I do wish sometimes I had more self-confidence, but certainly not as much as OPD people. They are usually subpar in all elements of life, but the things they say and do are just beyond comprehension.

I suppose I'm pretty judgmental though. You better be really freaking hot to make comments to me about how tone your body is or how many guys fell in love with you. You better be a Harvard MBA to comment on how smart you are. I suppose that's my own anti-OPD mission.

I also think OPD is one step away from psychopathic. This girl Alicia who was in my sorority was a nutcase. A real life loon. Without going into specifics, she stalked a guy that gave her herpes, threatened a sorority sister's life that dated her ex, got the pledges drunk so they'd hook up with her dirty guy friends, and pushed are good friend over the manic depressive edge. Recently, I'm told she was a foster parent and the child ran away.

A false sense of self is a deadly sin mistakenly not written in the Bible.

Camel Toe: I don't get it. Why? Ladies, why? What possesses you to lay on the bed to zip up your pants until they are so tight that they separate the lips down yonder? It doesn't look good. It doesn't look hot. Your ass isn't even noticed. Can't we file to make camel toe illegal- as in public obscenity?

Baja Fresh vs. Chipotle: I failed to realize that both Baja Fresh and Chipotle were owned by scary restaurant chains. People act so surprised that Chipotle has so many calories. Can we honestly expect that either would be healthy when they're owned by Wendy's and McDonald's? Can we expect any less than addiction and cravings for the food when it's obviously made by the mad scientists of food? And, I'd also like to know why the hell it's so expensive? Doesn't McDonald's grow chicken with 12 heads out on some ranch in China?

Kendra's grill on The Girls Next Door: I watch The Girls Next Door. Come on, you know you watch it too. I'm usually shocked. I'm usually appalled. I'm usually entertained. Sometimes it is beyond ridiculous though. Bridget stripped for her father. That was just gross. Kendra decides all she wants in life is a diamond studded grill? I think she was banging the dude who made them and offered to give him some free publicity. I'd like to say I'm over watching it.... but I'm not. I guess I better not mention that I'm excited to see Paris and Nicole in a room together on the Simple Life either. Hef's the man though. I mean, dude probably can't even get it up anymore. He didn't even ask Kendra out. He was just like, "Hey. You're hot and 60 years younger than me. I can't get it up anymore, but I want to look at you. I have a really big house. I want you to move in." Did anyone else read Hef's quote in the back of US Weekly? He said he thinks Angelina Jolie is sexier than Jennifer Aniston. Just thinking about that.

OLD: My boss had to leave early to drive her twin sons, age 16, to a concert. An OAD concert I think. I asked who that was. Apparently, they are HUGE. Like a step below Green Day. I'm old.



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