Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tid Bits

CVS Destroys Trees:

We live in a city that has designated the term "Green Architecture" as a buzz word. Our most educated residents are working for the Government making absolutely no money. The average dinner party conversation revolves around whatever came through on CNN Alerts via email. Bulletin boards in laundromats and postings on streets ask people to defend or defeat the Bush Agenda rather than buy a couch or hire a cleaner. All these passionate, intelligent, environmentally sound people living in DC. And yet, no one seems to care one bit that CVS's receipts might possibly have killed an entire Forrest.

I bought the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, an Evian, and Extra Cool Watermelon gum. I used my CVS savings card. Here are the coupons attached to my receipt today. Save $3 on any Allergy Remedy purchase of $10 or more. Save $4 on any purchase of $20 or more. Save $2 on any CVS brand Pain Medication. The receipt itself totaled 8 inches long. The attached random coupons totaled 12 inches long.

Homeless begging in DC:

There is almost always someone in the following three prime Dupont begging spots: outside the doors for CVS, in front of the Bank of America ATMs, blocking the Dupont Metro entrance. Do you think they have Gangs of New York style fights over those spots? Is there a shotgun calling policy? Do they camp out the night before to get the spot? Is there a schedule like Bob's got BOA on Mondays, CVS Tuesdays, Wednesday off, Thursday Metro, Friday drugs in Dupont? Just wondering how that system works exactly. Seems like it could get brutal.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days:

I watched this movie for the 17th time last night. I just picked up that it was filmed in the Conde Nast building. I also just realized that the Editor-in-Chief, modeled after a cross between Anna Wintour and Kim France, is selling the ad pages. That's just strange… imagine giving up those front seats at Fashion Week to sell ad pages. Publishers sell ad pages. I'm surprised Conde approved the movie, and you know Conde must have approved if they got to use the building.

Shake and Bake is the best:

There's nothing better than Shake and Bake Chicken. It is so easy and so good. Does anyone else get scared by the popping of those Pillsbury biscuits in a can? I dropped the whole thing in the sink last night, and APK made fun of me. I'm sorry, but it is highly unnerving.

Ad Agencies:

It is so sketchy to talk to people from ad agencies. "I work for a huge company that manufactures a popular grooming product. We are interested in learning more about…."

Do you ever wonder if those people talk like that in real life? "Bartender, I'll have a really popular drink that is made with hops. I am interested in hearing what you think I want?"

Plane Crash in Lexington:

I am scared as all hell to be flying to Buffalo in a week.


I think people without quirks suck. I find them boring. We all have quirks. My strangest three are perhaps:

1) Ever since my brother and I were little, we've been fascinated by those marks left over on you body from socks fitting to tight around the ankles. When were much younger, we'd even create the marks with things that might leave a cool imprint. It's weird. I know.

2) When my roommate's away for the night, I turn on the alarm, lock my bedroom door, and stuff the other side of my bed to look like another person. Actually, this could also be a bit OCD since I had my apartment broken into in college.

3) I tap the ends of my hair. Not twirl, tap. It makes a strange noise I associate with comfort. My mom tried to break me of the habit by slapping my hand. It didn't work.

And that is all folks.


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