Friday, October 13, 2006

Colorado Bound

So Sabrina and B2 broke up. Sort of. He can't make up his damn mind. He's not sure he loves her, but wait, yes! yes! He loves her. He's not sure she's the one, but wait, he wants to marry her. He's not sure he sees a future with her, but wait, he wants to buy tickets in May for her to come home with him in November. Finally, she stopped caring. Okay, she didn't stop caring (more like stopped eating from a knot in her tummy). But she realized, hey, this guy just isn't right.

So she took a job in Denver. She moves in a week.

She didn't take the job because of the breakup. That's clear from talking to her. She wasn't crazy about her job here, and two of her best friends have recently moved to Denver.

She's one of 4 people I know in the last year who have moved to Denver. Is Denver, like, the new San Fran?

But yeah, I'm sad to see her go.

B2 bet she wouldn't go. Asshole. He knows she played Ultimate Frisbee in college (not to mention biking 32 miles each Saturday), don't bet an athlete. Don't bet someone you love.

His Mom asked him if it ever occured to him that maybe she wanted him to tell her to stay. He told her his Mom said that.

So, while I'm sad to see her go, yeah, I'm thrilled to know that there's a girl out there strong enough to say, "You don't love me the way I need to be loved. I'm not going to sit around and wait for you. I'm moving on with my life. Adieu!"

I'll be using this as an example in my girly advice for a while. If you love someone, don't let them go.


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