Thursday, November 09, 2006

A-holes, Selfish Bastards, Lost Boys... Oh My!

Forwarded political email to my friend from an Ex. Sent to a whole group of people not in the BCC field. He's a complete a-hole, by the way.

Her response:

Are all your ex-girlfriends on this list? Just curious.

His response:

That list would be way too long. Hotmail only lets me email so many at a time. My current one is on the list.

Forward to me from her:

Read this disfunctional exchange. Do I have a "Bull's Eye" on my forehead saying, "Treat me like s*&%!"? :(

My response to her:

Ooooooooh, yucky! Glad you got rid of him! No, I think you just pick the wrong guys, as do we all sometimes. This time around, you and I must make a pact to stay away from a-holes, selfish bastards, and lost boys. Blah, boys suck suck suck (even when they're into other boys).

Her response to me:

I hear ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I wish we had some kind of device that would help us identify them... They can be sneaky! When relationships start out I think they won't do anything to intentionally hurt me, and then BAM! Granted, things ended really badly between us. I have some juicy stories to tell you next time over drinks!! ;-p

My thoughts:

How cool if we had a standard first date test to gage if someone was any of the above? We could ask obscure questions like, if you and I went over to Mexico on vacation and I left my passport behind accidentally in DC and couldn't be let back in until someone brought it down to me, would you A) Stay with me patiently. B) Go get it and bring it down to me. C) Ditch me at the border, because I'm obviously a moron. D) Only go on vacation with your buddies anyways!


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