Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tote Bags and Adults with Lip Rings

So, are tote bags the new tees-that-say-things way of showing off who you are and what you stand for?

I saw a chick walking across Dupont last night who couldn't have been over 22. She was carrying a tiny Louis Vuitton accessories pouch (which "are not supposed to be used as a purse" according to LV and pissing off Ali when they charged her $40 to repair the strap, but anyways) and this massive tote bag that said "Yale CEO Forum." I learned that either this chick went to Yale or was a CEO, or that she knew someone who went to Yale or was a CEO. Was that the whole point of her tote bag?

I wore a uniform to attend my private high school. Hounds tooth pleated skirts, white button down shirts, saddle shoes. Girls would accessorize for individuality. Hippies wore patchwork purses, stoners placed Grateful Dead stickers on their backpacks, etc.

Are tote bags the way working folk are creating individuality while wearing a Banana Republic-style, business casual look?

The bag I've been using most says "Firenze" on it with an illustration of Florence's skyline. I like it because obviously I got it in Italy. Eye often carries a totally hip Marimekko dotted tote. Jenny, last night at Lauriol, was sporting one a friend had given her from Duke's Business program. I guess I just wonder if totes that say things are as bad a fashion faux pas as shirts that say things?

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of accessories business women where often... I totally saw a women, about 40 years old, getting lunch at the Brookings cafeteria in a full black suit, silk scarf around the neck, and lip ring? I seriously came back to my office perplexed and looked up if any religious or ethnic community used the lip ring to symbolize something. I don't get it? Is that a midlife crisis or something?


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