Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Does anyone else remember the band Soul Coughing? I started listening to them when I was 15 years old at sleep away camp in North Carolina when the album Ruby Varoom wasn't sold anywhere except for at the indie music store near my house that resembled that place John Cusak owned in High Fidelity. The song I loved was called Janine.

An abridged version of the story, I spent the summer totally smitten with a guy who played guitar named John from upstate New York. He had long hair he tied into a ponytail and spoke about that merits of vegetarianism... so much so that I became a vegetarian for 4 years. My parents, of course, wondered why the sudden change. "Well," I said, "eating a cow and then drinking its milk is like eating a union worker. Would you eat a union worker?" John had convinced me over a camp fire in the Blue Ridge Mountains that eating the product of something and then eating it was wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn't big on too many vegetables... so when I started spilling protein at age 18, I was told I needed to either eat turkey or get shots. Guess which one I chose?

But anyways.

He was really into Soul Coughing and lent me his CD. He said this girl at home was like Janine to him until she broke his heart. He said that was what love meant to him, just drinking up someone. I thought it (okay he) was the coolest thing ever, and, to this day, listening to Soul Coughing makes me smile.

So, I often think about the song Circles in life. You'd probably recognize it, but I don't think it was that memorable song.

I told you about those boys from Boone, NC we met Saturday night who were celebrating their football team winning some championship. Well, look at the email I got from the UMass Alumni Association today... that team is playing my college's team. Random circles.

UMass vs.Appalachian State December 15, 20068:00 p.m. for the NCAA Football Championship

The Minutemen are on their way to the NCAA Division I Football Championship!
The final game for the championship title will be played on Friday, December 15 at 8:00 p.m. EST in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Alumni Association is proud to coordinate a trip for alumni and fans to cheer the Minutemen on to victory! If you have not already made plans to join us, be sure to do so soon–space is limited!
Click here for more information on the Alumni Association trip to the finals.

All members of the Alumni Association that are traveling on your own to the area are invited to a special private reception at the Max Finley Stadium on Friday, December 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Come and enjoy food and beverage in our VIP Alumni Tent for only $25 per person. Click here to register for the VIP Alumni Tent.


  • At December 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you can get all the nutrition from eating vegetarian as you do from eating meat, as long as you do it right. eating meat is also bad for the environment and the way livestock are treated is unconscionable. look into it - vegetarians are generally healthier than meat-eaters, and nutritional science has found balanced vegetarian diets to be at least as healthy as even the healthiest meat-based diets.


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