Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Review

It was quite the bizarre weekend... I suppose that is the best way to put it.

Friday night, AC and the Pea and I went to this place called the Moishe House in Adams Morgan for a potluck dinner. Four California dudes pay little rent for a fabulous apartment in a major city if they host a Jewish event a month. The house is funded by several different Jewish organizations. There are Moishe Houses in Berkeley, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and overseas in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Abuja, Nigeria. The guys cooked a non-kosher meal, and people brought food. There were more than 30 people there, so it was rather crowded. While we did do the blessings over the challah, wine, and candles, some of the people weren't Jewish, and some of them weren't wearing yalmuke. The Moishe House roomies decided to follow a Chabad ritual and tell Hasidic Judaism stories followed by shots of vodka or schnapps. We left before too many shots were taken. We left around 10pm, and I went to see the Producer before he left for India.

The Master: "Why is everyone we know going to India?"

I skipped the cookie exchange to get some down time. Kate and I went shopping at 2pm, and then I met the Master at 8pm to head to LOVE in Northeast for this dude's holiday party. 446 people RSVPed yes to attending. I'm not much a club girl, but, luckily, the party planners had made admission free and rented out the top two floors for the group. Incidentally, the Master and I got lost finding the top 2 floors and ended up on the 3rd floor which was an all African-American high school reunion with a band and carving station. We should have stayed there.

My drink at LOVE was $11! Seriously, if I had paid for a cab to NE and then a cover to enter, and was charged $11 in DC, I'd probably never ever come back! The scene was strange on the main floors anyways. Lots of sub par girls and creepy, GQed out dudes. Our floor was a bit better, though I realized at $11 a drink, I wasn't going to get drunk at LOVE. I left to go to LR's party, but lost the post-it with her address. So, I ended up just coming home... new shirt and all...

I woke up yesterday morning pissed off at my room. I think I must be PMSing. Everything was everywhere, I kept saying in my head. Thus, I drove to Walmart, bought a gazillion plastic containers, and spent the day and evening organizing my room. I also watched the most gag worthy movie on the Hallmark channel starring Tori Spelling, William Shatner, and Gary Coleman. It was called A Carol Christmas... three spirits visit Tori, etc. I sat through the whole damn thing. I'm so ashamed.


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