Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday night and the moon was out...

So we headed over to the Twist and Shout.

My father loves Mary Chapin Carpenter...


Last night, LW, SW, the Pea, Jenny, and I met at L'Enfant Cafe for crepes at 7:30. Brie, bacon, and turkey in a crepe... so yummy. We were faced with the eternal question that Ali and I used to debate in New York... is the hot bartender gay or just foreign?

Ali's much more cosmopolitan than I am. She speaks 4 languages and has lived in Madrid... and always had a preference for foreign men (before meeting her fiance). Out at The Park on 10th street (back when it was a hot place to go in NYC) before seeing the Donkey Show at the El Flamingo Club (back when it was a hot show to see), I was drinking apple martinis with Lindsay and Alison. Incidentally, this was the night I got so drunk that I danced on the platforms at the El Flamingo club after the show when the club turned into a discotheque.

Ali smiled at two incredibly pretty and well-dressed men at a table near ours. "Don't do that Ali! They're totally together out on a date," I said. "Oh no, they are totally foreign. I'm guessing Russian," she laughed back. "No way!" I argued. Sure enough, three new apple martinis were sent over to our table from the gentleman. Thus, the game "Is he foreign or gay?" began for us.

With the new surge of Metrosexuality, especially in DC and NYC, I don't even try anymore. However, the bartender at L'Enfant was unbelievably attractive. It turned out he was foreign, but we were torn as to whether or not he was foreign and gay or not.

After dinner, we went to the Angry Inch for Rob's Fetivus party. Vive had texted right before we left stating that the bar was packed with eligible men and not very many females. When we arrived, we were shocked at the ratio. More guys in a bar than girls in DC is very uncommon. Three marines picked our group up, and Jenny hit it off with the only normal one. The ridiculously attractive Zach Morris-like took to dancing, and Vive and I debated if he was gay or not. When he approached our group, I mentioned to him that I'd been dared to ask him if he was gay, but wasn't drunk enough yet. "That's the first time I've ever gotten that line before," he said. I seriously doubted that one... but he seemed to hate me for the rest of the night anyways.

We decided to dance and the marines joined us. I decided they were like stray kittens... feed them once, and they don't leave you alone all night. Instinctively perhaps, I began chatting with a group of attractive gentleman from Boone, North Carolina. Their football team had just one some championship. The guy I was talking to had just moved here and was looking to get work as a DJ. Not that I'm against guys being into DJing, but I expect that Southerners will be more into rock. I have much less to talk to a Southerner about if they haven't seen Allman Brothers 700 times in concert and know who Drive by Truckers, Cowboy Mouth, and Rollin' in the Hay are. The North Carolina boys invited us to join them at their reserved table at Saki, but we were waiting on some more people to meet us at the Inch... besides, if I remember from dating DJs in the past, being at a club with them is the cheesiest thing ever.

While Jenny and the cute Marine canoodled, the rest of us fought off his kitten friends who insisted on consistently throwing their hands in the air and bouncing a lot. We tried to ignore them until finally they wandered away to find new prey. Missdy arrived and began dancing with the possibly gay kitty... I warned her she'd never get rid of him now.

The bar got insanely crowded, and we all decided it was time to call it a night. Most of the party had already filtered out, although I never said goodbye to anyone. All the same, it was a very fun night out!


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